Cooking time please for Lamb boneless shoulder

mgc54, Oct 10, 3:35am
roast weighing 1 kilo? I was thinking about 2 hrs at 160C

joybells2, Oct 10, 3:46am
I always play it by ear, should be still pink in the middle. Maybe 1.5 hours?

awoftam, Oct 10, 5:05am
How are you cooking it? If I was slow roasting I would do it for 3 - 4 hours on top of the things I was flavouring the stock with to make a gravy at the end.

mgc54, Oct 10, 6:38am
TY awoftam, plan to roast it in the roasting pan for two hours, with vegetables added for latter hour and a half. All drizzeled with olive oil and a quarter cup of hot water for moisture.

awoftam, Oct 10, 6:45am
I wouldn't do this, esp. at 160 - but that is just MO. There are others on here who have far more knowledge than me.

rainrain1, Oct 10, 6:46am
Just wing it. I never timed a roast in my whole life

petal1955, Oct 10, 4:51pm
Rule of thumb 35mins oer 500grms at 160

petal1955, Oct 10, 4:51pm
Rule of thumb 35mins per 500grms at 160

mgc54, Oct 11, 3:32am
TY for all your replies. I have just put dinner in the oven for 1 hr 30 mins aprox. Lamb boneless shoulder roast, with roast potatoes, pumpkin, kumara and baby minted peas. Gravy and mint sauce. Will let you know how it turns out.

mgc54, Oct 11, 5:48am
Just finished dinner, lamb was perfect at 1.5hrs/160C TY

rainrain1, Oct 11, 6:11am
Time to kill, haven't had a roast for ages, my mouth is watering

Whoops typed moth instead of mouth ha ha

mecanix, Sep 2, 1:13am
gotta keep a close watch on any boneless roast.

i dont time it . i play it as i see it.

pleased to see yours came out sweet.

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