I have a 400g piece of smoked pork belly

When purchasing I was told it's about 70% cooked through. My question how do I cook this and for how long? Or should I slice it into mini rasher size and panfry it ?

Chef_red45, Feb 28, 3:45 am

To keep the smoky taste, you could cook it in the Wmave. Cook till its hot, about 15 mins I would say.
Or yes slice and fry it.
Or place in a pot with a sweet cooking wine and cook it more that way. bring to boil then simmer for 15 minutes, allow it to cool in the pot, then drain.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 28, 5:57 am

I mix oil and 5 spice into the belly. Dry the top, score rub in oil and salt. Then place on a tray in an oven dish. Bakeat 230 for 30 mins then reduce to 180 for an hour or so. Tender and yum.

Chef_molly37, Feb 28, 7:28 am

That's for a raw pork belly, and I cook mine in a large pot of water , with sweet cooking wine, 5 spice and soya sauce, and water, But OP said their cut of meat was smoked, and the best way to keep that taste is to cook it in Wmave, any thing else could change the taste to much.

Chef_aj.2., Jan 27, 8:04 am