Boneless pork belly

samsnan, May 24, 4:19am
I have a piece of this to cook for dinner tomorrow. It has come with a sachet of Hoisin marinade. Do I just spread the marinade over it and then roast it? . Not quite sure as I have never brought it before.

margyr, May 24, 4:29am
yes, but taste it first as you may not like the flavour.

knowsley, May 24, 4:37am
Roast pork belly, Asian style has the Hoison sauce as a dip, so you can do it that way too. Slow cook is the key.

slaintewesties, May 24, 9:55am
fill your meat roasting dish with water up to the level just below the crackling. The meat just melts when you eat it and the crackling is very crunchy.

wahinetoa62, Jun 5, 6:50am
this may take awhile but it is well worth it. Rub pork belly with chinese 5 spice powder all over, wrap in glad wrap, leave in fridge overnight. Next day make a stock of soy sauce, water, crushed ginger, crushed garlic, star anise, cinnamon quill, place pork in oven dish, cover with stock until it cover pork belly, cover with tin foil, bake in oven 180 oven, for 5 hours, take out, cool, place board on top of baking tray, put a couple of tins on top to weigh it down and leave overnight... cut when cold. cook fat side down, in hot frypan, turn over 10mins in 180 oven, eat and enjoy... from my friend who is a chef

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