I bought some marinated Pork belly - best way2cook

dibble35, May 24, 9:30pm
I see Chelseas pork belly recipe seems to be popular on here. Would this also work with a pork belly thats already been marinated? Do I still pat it dry and rub it with oil and salt? Must have got to the meat section in my supermarket at the right time this morning, got some very good deals in the reduced to clear lot.

dibble35, May 24, 10:46pm
I should say its probably a rub rather than a marinade - cajun spice flavour

bcnd, May 26, 3:41am
i just put mine, uncovered in a deep roasting dish in the oven for 30mins at 220. Then I pour milk in, being careful not to get it on the crackle. I turn the temperature down to 160 leaving it uncovered still for about 2 - 3 hours at. I top up the milk if required. It comes out beautiful & moist and usually well crackled. If the crackle isn't quite there I will pop it under the grill to finish it off

korbo, May 27, 4:29am
have a look on KAI ORA on google. Anne thorpe cooked one last week. I tried it and just couldnt stop eating it.

twindizzy, May 27, 4:51am
on a bed of half chopped onions with a little stock

deanna14, Jun 2, 5:03am
I cooked our in milk 3/4 of the way up the sides in a pan with no lid for a long time. Mr D said it was to die for.

mecanix, Jun 4, 5:35am
I have found the only way i enjoy pork belly is when i turn it into bacon.

I can never get past the fatty blandness of it any other way.

Having said that.

I have had it in ethnic dishes that i have found to be stunning.

But beyond my skills to replicate.

dibble35, Jun 4, 7:21pm
Well I enjoyed this marinated one, although I did find it a bit fatty on top. Would buy it again if I could find it at a similar price, bit to expensive for me otherwise.

oopie, Sep 7, 4:49pm
One of my favourite meals. I use cream instead of milk so it's keto.

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