Chelsea Winters Custard Square recipe?

sarahw2, Nov 11, 5:22pm
Would anyone kindly post her recipe here for me please? I don't have any of her books and it's not on her website, thanks so much!

rainrain1, Nov 11, 7:49pm
You might have to go out and buy her book to get it

nicwil, Nov 12, 7:32am
I'd happily buy her book but not a whole lot of the recipes appeal to me.

supadeal, Nov 12, 7:54am
If you don't have any luck in here, try asking in the thread " What is your favourite slice?"
I shall bump the thread for you. Hope this helps.

daarhn, Nov 12, 8:21am
Does your local library have a copy? Photocopy

sarahw2, Nov 12, 11:05pm
Yes same here! Thats why I just want this one:-)

sarahw2, Jul 1, 10:51am
Thanks so much:-)

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