Nadia Lims home made ricotta on cook the books

lily23, Feb 3, 8:19am
did anyone get the recipe I think it was just milk and citric acid but didn't get the quantities thanks hope so I have searched the web

paora-tm, Feb 4, 6:52am
Just google for a recipe - they're all much the same.

Cream isn't necessary. Use lemon juice instead of vinegar if you like. That recipe fusses too much as far as I'm concerned. Just heat milk until it almost boils. Stir in vinegar or lemon juice and wait until the curds and whey separate - not sure 20 minutes wait will give you a better result than 5-10 minutes waiting. I even wonder if draining for 60 minutes is really necessary - 10 minutes is long enough for me.

lily23, Feb 9, 8:41am
Thanks so much will try that

steph100, Mar 6, 2:02am
Paora-tm I have made it like that too, easy peasy!

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