Old fundraising school/church recipe books?

sue62, Apr 17, 9:19pm
I have a HUGE number of these little recipe books which I have collected over the years. They are favourite recipes from church , school or funraising groups. Would there be any interest if I was to list them?

glendeb, Apr 17, 9:40pm
in the current economic climate I would say so. I have a couple from my Oma that are from the Country Women's institute. Some of the stuffI wouldn't touch with a barge pole, but some of the recipes are fantastic and such money stretchers.

I would say you would have to market them properly though.

pixiegirl, Apr 17, 10:33pm
absolutely yes - I have heaps of them already and always looking to get some more. Just got to find the time to use them lol.

daleaway, Apr 17, 10:55pm
Yes, some people collect them - though the quality of the recipes is extremely variable!

sue62, Apr 18, 3:11am
Thanks for the feedback

elliehen, Feb 10, 11:51am
sue62 - they are often more interesting for the advertisements for local businesses than for the recipes, and often have the names of contributors alongside recipes - that also interests local collectors.

When you list them, focus on the quirky things about them which set them in the era they were published.