Chocolate wedding cake

jenr1, Jun 10, 5:28am
Hi. My daughter has announced she wants a home made 3 tier chocolate (moist and fudgy) wedding cake with white chocolate frosting. Any advice, recipes or guidance? I've only ever made homemade fruitcake and a Victoria sponge!

kay34, Jun 10, 6:03am
Annabel Langbeins FLourless Choc Cake, super yummy!

allurs, Jun 10, 7:00am
I made' campmums' chocolate mud cake for a wedding cake just beautiful.Freezes really well moist even improves after a couple of days.I recommend it as I tried many.

allurs, Jun 10, 7:09am
chocolate cake mud cake style for 9inch tin…………If you put that in the search bar at the side you will find it

tinkagirl, Jun 10, 8:36am
OMG you have to try this one. I also am making a wedding cake in December. I have made it three times for practice and it is just awesome and freezes well. In fact I think it even tastes better when it has been frozen. give it a try. I have been making only half the measurements for my practicing.

jenr1, Jun 10, 9:12am
Thank you all for the advice and guidance, I really appreciate it.

landylass, Jun 10, 9:30am
tinkagirl, Im curious about the soured cream. its fl ozs so I presume not sour cream that we buy in a pottle.

bluetigerrr, Jun 11, 3:20am
Wild One Raspberry Mud Cake – from Rocket Kitchen
Published in New Zealand Baker (Dean Brettschneider and Lauraine Jacobs).


435ml hot water
325g softened butter
235g granulated sugar
40g cocoa powder
400g dark chocolate buttons
140g mashed raspberries
5ml raspberry essence (optional)
175g eggs (3. 5)
285g 'Champion' or 'Elfin' self-raising flour

Cake method:

1. Place the hot water in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
2. Remove from the heat and add butter, then set aside until just melted but still hot.
3. Combine the sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate in a mixing bowl fitted with a whisk.
4. Add the hot butter and water to the chocolate mixture, whisk on medium speed until smooth then mix in the mashed raspberries and raspberry essence.
5. Add the eggs one at a time while mixing and scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl.
6. Sieve the flour, add to the mixture and whisk on low speed until the mixture is smooth.
7. Pour into a 23cm round loose base cake tin which has the sides and bottom lined with baking paper.
8. Place directly into preheated oven set at 150ºC and bake for 1. 5 hours or until a cake skewer comes out clean.
9. Once cool remove from the cake tin and take off the baking paper. Allow to cool completely on a cooling rack.


300ml fresh cream
500g dark chocolate buttons

Ganache method:

1. Place the cream in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
2. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate buttons.
3. Stir using a wooden spoon until the buttons have melted.
4. Leave to rest in the saucepan to thicken to pouring consistency - this should take approximately 45 minutes.
5. Place a sheet of baking paper underneath the cooling rack, then slowly pour the ganache over the cake, starting at the centre and moving towards the outside, ensuring that the cake is completely covered (you may need to use a palette knife).
6. Give the cooling rack a shake to allow the ganache to settle evenly on the cake.
7. Once the ganache has finished dripping, carefully lift the covered cake off the cooling rack and place on a serving plate.

bluetigerrr, Jun 11, 3:21am
Wild One Raspberry Mud Cake – from Rocket Kitchen
Published in New Zealand Baker (Dean Brettschneider and Lauraine Jacobs) - last part, if you want to decorate it.

Chocolate Shards:

375g dark chocolate buttons (1 packet)
375g white chocolate buttons (1 packet)

Chocolate Shards method:

1. Half fill a saucepan with cold water, bring to the boil and remove saucepan from the heat.
2. Break the dark and white chocolate buttons into small pieces and place in separate stainless steel bowls that will fit inside the saucepan of water (one bowl at a time).
3. Place the bowl of dark chocolate in the hot water. Never allow any water to come into contact with the chocolate as this will cause the chocolate to thicken.
4. Stir the chocolate with a clean wooden spoon until it has reached 40ºC and melted. You may need to remove the bowl from the water from time to time to avoid overheating the chocolate. Use chocolate compound at 40ºC to achieve a nice sheen once the chocolate has set. Repeat for the white chocolate.
5. When both chocolates have melted, spread a thin layer (2mm) of each onto a large sheet of baking paper using a palette knife. Allow to nearly set, then using a sharp knife cut into shards. For the dark chocolate shards keep them straight and for the white chocolate shards, cut them in a wave-type pattern.
6. Wait until the chocolate shards have completely set then carefully remove them from the baking paper by sliding a palette knife under each shard. You may need to have a few extra shards to allow for breakage.
7. Using a wide-bladed, pointed knife, pierce the top of the cake where you want to place the white chocolate shards then carefully insert the shards into these holes.
8. Before the ganache is completely set, place the dark chocolate shards around the outside of the cake. Tie a wide ribbon around the outside of the dark chocolate shards.

Notes: You can use plain flour and add baking powder (rather then use self-raising flour). If possible, weigh the eggs (without the shells) to get as close as possible to 175g. Use a 25cm tin for a larger diameter cake (but not as high) and you don't have to make the shards - the cake looks pretty without them. However, once you've made this cake it becomes unbeatable and it is so easy to make - especially without the shards!

bluetigerrr, Jun 11, 3:34am
I have never had any single person who tasted this cake who doesn't rave about it. Several people have used it as a wedding cake :)

jenr1, Jun 11, 7:00am
bluetigerrr. thank you so much. I will definitely try this one in appreciation of all your effort.

sarahb5, Jun 11, 8:07am
1 fl oz weighs 1 oz roughly but is equivalent to 2 tablespoons - same cream, different measure

sarahb5, Jun 11, 8:08am
You could have three different mud cakes - chocolate, white chocolate and caramel

valentino, Jun 12, 10:02pm
Here is something one can do to get that extra something special.

Once the cake batter are in their tin /tins ready for baking, chop a block of nice chocolate (creamy milk, 50% cocoa or darker, white choc, even a fruity one) into 2 square piece (most bars have these squares on the slab) then insert them vertically at nice intervals all around the cake (if round) and throughout (if square tin) then just very slightly cover with batter but allow the very tip to show ( so one knows where they are) then bake as normal.
Just imagine having a piece of cake and this choc then bursts inside your mouth as you bite into it.

Imagine can be done to most variety of cakes.


bev00, Aug 10, 11:39am
For the cake
3c sugar
3c flour
3tsp b powder
3tsp b soda
3 eggs
1.5c sour cream
3/4c cocoa
1.5c strong coffee (can be instant)
2tsp vanilla essence

For the glaze
200g dark chocolate
50g butter
1TBS golden syrup

Oven @ 180C
Spray a 28-30cm springform tin with baking spray,and line the base with baking paper.
Place all the cake ingreds in food processor or large mixing bowl and mix well.
Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 70 -75 mins.
Cool on a wire rack.

Melt the dark chocolate, butter and golden syrup together and mix till smooth. Carefully level the top of the cake with a sharp knife, then spread with the chocolate glaze.

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