What's happened to bought sliced bread?

Over the past 5-6 weeks all the bread I've bought has been horrible. Toast sliced seems to toast ok but when cut the inside of each slice is soft and doughy. Same with sandwich bread. It just turns to sticky dough in your mouth. Have tried every supermarket brand, everything from wheatmeal to all the grainy breads. Are they buying cheaper flour from overseas? Hamburger buns used for sandwiches are fine. Any options for toasting? Any advice appreciated.

Chef_9tuscany, Feb 23, 1:19 am

9tuscany, I see from your profile that you are in Hamilton, therefore you should have access to a Couplands Bakery store ( http://www.couplands.com/net/stores/ ). Have you tried their bread yet? Nowdays I eat very little, if any, bread but my DH enjoys his toast for breakfast and also the occasional sandwich. The only sliced bread we buy is Couplands - it seems to have more 'body' and certainly keeps nice and fresh for much longer than any other similar type of bread.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 23, 2:20 am

Yep, have bought only Couplands ever since they started here in Tauranga and love all their products but their bread also at the same time went wet and doughy. Have tried most of their grainy ones but after trying all other brands my worry is are they all buying some kind of new cheap flour. And is that why they are trying to sell it for $1 at all the different supermarkets. We are not particularly fussy but this stuff is really horrible. Feel sorry for mums trying to get their little ones to eat it.

Chef_9tuscany, Feb 23, 2:59 am

Must be something you are doing. Storage etc, for all brands to do this .
different brand of breads have different ingredients.
No problems down here.

Chef_wheelz, Feb 23, 4:38 am

no problems here.Tastes as bad as it always has

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 23, 4:42 am

We don't buy the Coupland's breads in the "Daily" range - we only buy the Premium white or Grain & Honey sliced bread or one of the "Southern Plains" varieties.
As for "Feel sorry for mums trying to get their little ones to eat it". our daughter has a little 15 month who loves food and for their household she buys one of the white Tip-Top sliced breads - she has no problems with getting either her little man or his Dad to eat the bread. :-))

Chef_245sam, Feb 4, 5:12 pm