Buzz Bar Slice

magicman, Feb 10, 1:01am
Recently heard a radio announcer talking of his favourite baked treat, his mothers Buzz Bar Slice. Have searched to no avail for this recipe does anyone have one please?

korban, Feb 10, 1:44am
Which radio station and who was the announcer. You might be able to email the station and ask for the recipe.

magicman, Feb 10, 2:26am
Thanks, he was a kiwi now living in USA, visiting home and was doing a short stint on Newstalk ZB. Although he talked of it he never gave the recipe, was talking about it being his favourite treat to come back home to and would be taking some back to America with him.

2spotties, Feb 11, 12:16am
I wonder if it was just a biscuit base with layers of caramel, marshmallow and chocolate on top?

issymae, Feb 11, 2:11am
was that Jack Tame

245sam, Feb 11, 3:31am
I suggest that the Buzz Bars Slice would be very similar to this one, with the addition of a melted chocolate topping or chocolate icing on top of the marshmallow and possibly with a chocolatey base:-

jenniferanne, Feb 12, 5:31am
Buzz Bar may also be the "family" name for the bar and not its original name

june126, Feb 13, 4:49am
You could buy buzz bars years ago, they were sold singularly as a chocolate coated marshmallow bar. I can remember them as a child, back in the days when if you had 50 cents to spend you thought you were made.

kiwilion, Mar 4, 6:07pm
You can still buy them. I love to freeze them, delicious!

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