Bar tin - AWW children's birthday cake book

dragonzflame, May 24, 2:43am
Anyone know anything about these? They're supposed to be 25x8cm but they don't seem to exist outside specialist Australian kitchen equipment websites. I've heard you can sub for a loaf tin, but I don't have one that's an appropriate size and anyway, I haven't a clue what depth these things are meant to be. Any other thoughts on substitutions?

nauru, May 24, 6:36am
According to my AWW cake book, the bar tin can be substituted for any of the following cake pans:
20cm baba pan
20cm ring pan
14cm X 21 cm loaf pan
Deep 20cm round cake pan
Hope this is helpful to you.

dragonzflame, May 27, 1:15am
Except when you need the bar shape ;-) I was planning to do the 1 cake - on closer inspection of some of the other recipes in the book, and more online digging, it looks like the bar tin is about 7-8cm deep. I might have a look and see if there are any square pans that would work and split in two, otherwise I might just see if I can get a tin in the shape of a 1 from a hire place and be done with it. But thank you for the reply :-)

bella95, Jun 1, 4:49am
Gosh that brings back memories.
Number 1 cake was the first (obviously) cake l made for my daughter.
99.9 % l used 2 loaf tins. You could also use a square cake tin and cut it in half before proceeding with the rest of the instructions.

crazynana, Sep 8, 6:52pm
I have one of those bar tins but I think it would be too small. To make a No 1 I would make two loaf tin cakes. Cut one into a piece three quarters long for the base and cut the wee pointed bit for the top of the no 1 by cutting the last quarter into two triangles (one won't be used). Just join them on with a bit of buttercream/icing and then ice over the whole thing. Hope that makes sense, but this is what I have done for my kids/grandies. Tiny toys or smarties etc. make decorating easy, and the kids don't really care anyway, so long as it is cake.