Old Kiwi Milk Bar Recipes Please For Food & Drinks

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sissybel, Sep 14, 12:33am
Thank you so much! ! ! !

letitia, Sep 14, 12:37am
A Spider... A drink made from fizzy drink with a scoop of icecream added. My favourite was a respberry spider.

letitia, Sep 14, 12:38am
Pie, Pea and 'Pud... ('pud + spud) A pie with a topping of mashed potato and mushy peas.

letitia, Sep 14, 12:41am
Icecream Sundae... A scoop or two of icecream in a glass dish with flavoured syrup poured over it, topped with a pink triangle-shaped wafer biscuit.

rog.e, Sep 14, 1:10am
Strawverry Icecrean Sundae A long narrow glass dish with three scoops of vanilla icecream, Sliced strawverries around and between , whipped cream in between the wcoops and a few crished buts over the icecream and cream. Sometimes a little strawberry icevream topping. This was a rae summer special and people loooked forward to them for a few weeks. Often sold just on a Friday. I made them as a fourteen yearold.

rog.e, Sep 14, 1:26am
Cakes were few but included Chocolate lamingtons without any cream, Jam Tarts, and the scones were plain and pre-cut an buttered as needed, the sandwiches were plain egg and butter with salt and pepper mashed" and tomato, lettuce and ham" or just ham and mustard (no choice). Tea accompanied all food and came in a pot with a hot water jug and cups, xaucers and teaspoons with a bowl of sugar. Yumm Afternoon tea. Also sold fresh soup and toast, poached eggs on toast and ham and salad with bread and butter for lunches. Some Desserts were icecream and fruit salad, in-season apple pie and custard, steamed puddings in winter. V

indy95, Sep 14, 1:46am
Meals such as ham and salad or anything not already accompanied by toast always came with white breadthinly sliced, already buttered then cut diagonally in half.

letitia, Sep 14, 2:07am
Banana Split... Siilar to the sundaes with a banana split lengthwise and laid in a specially shaped glass dish, scoops of icecream on top and syrup toppings.

letitia, Sep 14, 2:09am
Brown Derby... An icecream in a cone dipped in warm melted chocolate which set hard on contact iwth the icecream. Sometimes also dipped in finely chopped nuts as well.

letitia, Sep 14, 2:14am
The Zenith Milk Bar in Timaru... sold chocolate bombs... chocolate covered icecream on a stick, actually shaped like a bomb... a cylindrical shape, tapering off at the top to a rounded point (if that makes sense).

corky, Sep 14, 2:17am
Rum and Coke. Bottle of coke in a glass with a couple of squirts of rum milkshake flavouring.

rog.e, Sep 14, 3:07am
Hot Milkshakes were sold here by one milkbar during the wunter. Adter nearly freezing to death at church as a pre-teen I used to go and buy one to warm up. The rest of the girls thought it was sacreligeous but I used to not care. Usually it was chocolatemalted flavoured milkshake. Delicious. V

juliewn, Sep 14, 10:47am
Custard squares/slices. . . . are you opening a milkbar. . if so and hope so, where please. . thanks. . I was thinking recently, with all the resurgence of things from times past, it must be about to happen that cafes become 'coffee lounges' again!

sissybel, Sep 14, 6:58pm
Yum these sound great! ! ! ! Your response is great and yes I am thinking of starting a small place in the manawatu but not just yet, it may be a little while away. But I wanted to source and play around with different recipes first. I have always loved the milk bar take on food, the atmosphere etc. I appreciate your feedback.

angie461, Sep 14, 8:02pm
you have to have a flip ball machine on the wall.

crails, Sep 14, 8:08pm
The oldies would love a coffee lounge I watched a group of pensioners last week at a cafe and they just don't like the panini, giant muffins but order it as that's all there is on offer.

nala2, Sep 14, 9:28pm
I will probably get lynched for this but I miss the speed of a Cona coffee when in a hurry. Flat Whites etc can take such a long while , as well as the having to wait for food to be made up. Carterton has an "old time type Kiwi coffee bar" with made-up sandwiches, pies chips, hot dogs---a male food heaven.

snapit, Sep 14, 9:46pm
crails I agree with you. My partner has problems with modern food and drink and a plain ham or cold meat sandwich for him and a cake or scone a glass of water or fruit juice or milkshake to drink. I don't really like going out for a coffee with him as he is more fussy in a different way to me so generally consider his tastes before mine.

sissybel, Sep 14, 9:55pm
Soda's and Sundae's! ! ! Yes indeed some of my best childhood memories are soda's and sundae's and just the way you have described it to. My family and I still enjoy these even now.

daleaway, Sep 16, 1:18am
Madeira cake with glace cherries in it. Cream horns. Louise cake. Raspberry slice. Spaghetti on toast (gag). Spherical cream doughnuts drowning in icing sugar.

ellie04, Sep 16, 1:28am
Flapjacks and sugared donuts :-)

sissybel, Sep 16, 3:21am
Hey everyone! ! ! I really am greatful for the great recipes and the feedback. Just marvellous! ! !

illusion_, Sep 16, 9:39pm
Definitely the Spider, but ... ... . in order, scoop of vanilla icecream, coke, a spoon of whipped cream, and topped with finely grated chocolate.

kaddiew, Sep 17, 3:59am
And the milkshakes need to be served in the tall metal "thingees" (can't find the word! )they're whizzed up in- not in the modern waxedcardboard ones. Our milkbar always kept the metal ones in the chiller along with the vat of milk, so the shakes were always super cold.

pixiegirl, Sep 17, 4:03am
hi sissybel good luck - I hope you do this and get it off and running. I think the secret is just good quality fuss free food, reasonable priced and you should have people streaming in your doors. What about a real good hamburger as well - made with real meat and not made up patties. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm