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sissybel, Sep 17, 4:43am
pixiegirl! ! ! ! Definitely a good ole kiwi hamburger would have to be on the menu, and I agree with all the great feedback, no fuss food at reasonable prices. That spider sounds so good I think that I may dapple with other flavours as well and toppings. Just tops everyone! !

illusion_, Sep 17, 4:52am
kiwi burgers have beetroot a must

sissybel, Sep 17, 5:01am
illusion Definitely and thank you so much for the spider recipe love it! ! !

rog.e, Sep 17, 5:11am
All theseMilkbar theme foods and drinks would make for a great 1950/60's garden party. Imagine tables set up and guests dressed in whatever they can to fit the theme. Spring is here now so outdoor party time maybe. lol V

mrstoby21, Sep 17, 7:50am
Mouse traps toast the bottom of the crusts and pile on the topping made from cheese, onion, chopped ham or bacon, corn, tomato, salt and pepper, or what ever combination you have and pop under the hot grill until bubbling. Used to sell heaps of these.
Also toasted sandwiches made from sandwich sliced bread, toasted under the grill, not squashed in a machine so that it is too leathery to bite, the same with cheese rolls too. Use butter on them too! ! .

shiyo, Sep 17, 7:53am
Chocolate buzz bars do they still make them. Frozen yummy

mrstoby21, Sep 17, 7:59am
Coffee or hot choc with frothy milk was becoming known when we had our business.
We had this scary gas coffee maker that we knew not a thing about so we used to froth up the milk with it and use this with instant coffee and if wanted top with whipped cream and cinnamon or chocolate. They also went down well.
So did Friday night roasts, cooked the traditional way using dripping. Delicious.

mrstoby21, Sep 17, 8:23am
Still get buzz bars Probably a bit thinner now.

ellea, Sep 17, 9:52am
My Mum and Dad had a Coffee Lounge... in the late 70's early 80's and they use to do a special coffee, that everybody raved about. They constantly had a urn of hot milk which they used to froth up on the milkshake machine and then they would add Coffee and Chicory essense to the hot milk, was very yum! The 70's latte perhaps... hehe (", )

ellea, Sep 17, 9:58am
I remember having to go down to the shop... at about 5am with Mum and Dad... I had a little makeshift bed under the vat... hehe (that would be classed as child abuse today probably... especially the getting up at 5am bit). Mum used to butter copious amounts of bread, make sandwhiches and filled rolls as well as scones. Dad used to make savouries and pies, custard squares, neenish tarts, sausage rolls. I probably ate a good deal of the profits. They worked real hard in that business... kinda made me all nostalgic now (", )

juliewn, Sep 17, 2:51pm
This thread is lovely. . - and heartwarming to read through. . hope you create your milk bar and have wonderful success with it. . We find when travelling long difference, that it's the sandwiches or filled rolls that we look for - something easy and tasty, with ingredients we enjoy. . ham/chicken/corned beef/roast beef/etc. . and lots of salad ingredients. . We enjoy the more modern types of foods, panini's, muffins, etc. . too. . however find them to be sweeter or saltier, so have them occasionally - they also don't have a lot of salad veges with them, unless we order a side salad as well. When we end up buying foods that are different to the kind-of home-made sandwich/filled roll type things, we always arrive home and our next meal is a home-made fresh fruit salad - we just seem to need it after having little fruit and veges while away.

fewspot, Sep 20, 5:38am
a blast from the past here in christchurch on lincoln road we had a milk bar run by a guy woolfe, he made his own flavours and even had ummm, dont know, & anything, as well as port wine. milkshake specials choc malt, and both barrells bulls eye. which consisted of a milhshake made in the ordinary ali cup with 2 eggs, then you squirt wipped cream around a tall glass then pour shake into it and more wipped cream on top then sprinkle with 100's thousands or jelly xtalls. now how many pounds did that put on i wonder.

fewspot, Sep 20, 5:39am
flip ball and i have one of the flip balls off the wall, needs restoring. which ill get to one day.

buckyboy, Sep 20, 6:02am
someone mentioned rum and coke before, but also raspberry and coke was another drink, gotta have a jukebox, ice cream sandwich, chocolate bombs,

vashti, Sep 20, 10:05am
I would like to have one of those flaky pastry layered slices filled with whipped cream and iced with pink icing awwwww ... . if only.

katalin2, Sep 20, 12:20pm
Baked beans or spaghetti on toast... if you were lucky you got tiny sausages in with your baked beans. When we first arrived in NZ in the mid 50's our treat would be to go to the afternoon movies on a Saturday and then go to a milkbar in town to have baked beans or spag on toast. We loved it- it was sooo different from the continental food we were used to! And yummy choc milkshakes straight from the metal container they were made in... .

sissybel, Sep 21, 12:02am
I am just loving it and you areSUPER! ! I have trialled some of the recipes that I am not too familiar with and they are ssoooo good. All I can say is please keep them coming...

rog.e, Sep 21, 12:18am
JARS of all kinds of lollies and sweet treats inthese jars were lined up on shelves behind the counter . The ones you could buy for three a 'penny' (1 cent)) or so were kept on the counter. After movies (then called 'the pictures') was a real rush of kids pouring in to buy icecreams, milkshakes and a few sweet treats with their last poscket money. Somehow they were all polite andsaid please and thank you and waited their turn. V

juliewn, Sep 21, 11:57am
Hi Rog. E - I've been thinking of this thread - and it was a topic of discussion at my Partner's birthday party yesterday. . we remembered the sweets in sections behind glass panels, or lined up in jars as you've written, so we could choose our own lollies and have '2 of those and 6 of those and 5 of those please! " - or you could ask for a pre-packaged mix already in a white paper bag, and find surprises inside.

robnco, Sep 22, 4:48am
jam and cream filled pancakes were always my favourite. And there were always neenish tarts.

robnco, Sep 22, 4:49am
Mince on toast was another thing I remember.

jessie981, Sep 22, 4:52am
Tomato soup with toast cut into fingers ,

jessie981, Sep 22, 5:34am
may have been mentioned. Dressed pies - pie topped with mashed potato, mushy peas & beetroot.

dotcodotnz1, Sep 23, 11:46pm
You can't beat Asparagus rolls, club sandies, piklets, ginger gems, eclairs, little savouries, sausage rolls, yum!

daleaway, Sep 24, 1:42am
All the talk of the "good old Kiwi hamburger" reminds me of the first time hamburgers appeared, in Auckland around 1957 or 58. We thought New Zealand had finally become the 49th state. Some of the food in this thread appear to be peoples' memories of coffee bars (1960s onwards) and not the old milk bars which were much more unsophisticated.

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