Excess of kiwi fruit what to do with them?

jamiemew, May 13, 5:57am
was thinking of doing a jam? just want a tried and tested good one lol also can you bottle kiwi fruit?

kamitchell, May 13, 6:43am
Hi, we also have a huge amount of kiwifruit atm, I am going to dehydrate a heap tomorrow, planning on making a kiwifruit relish soon, & will preserve some too. I am looking into doing glace kiwifruit too, just need to find a recipe that I am happy with. Am also looking for a yummy kiwifruit sorbet recipe too! The zespri website has a lot of recipes as well. I have also given heaps away!

marcs, May 13, 6:46am
Send them to me here in Auz. They are so expensive here. lol

acr123, May 13, 6:50am
I have pureed some and put into freezer to be used for pudding toppings e. g over icecream or homemade cheesecakes. Also handy for homemade cocktails or with lemonade and icecream drinks.

kamitchell, May 13, 7:03am
arc123 the puree could also be put into smoothies! Yum yum

They are cheap here at the mo marcs, I saw a sign out yesterday for 49 cents a kg! Crazy huh! !

jamiemew, May 13, 8:45am
i got them for 9c a kilo LOL it was crazy so bought 5 kgs to make jam or something yummy.

KAMITCHELL did you get the relish recipe off that site you mentioned? if not can i grab the recipe? thanks :)

kamitchell, May 13, 8:49pm
No i didn't Jamiemew, A lady gave it to me off another forum I go onto. Let me know how it turns out! Here you go.

Kiwi Fruit Relish.
25 firm Kiwi Fruit peeled and sliced.
4 Onion finely sliced
1 tblspoon salt.
3/4 pint Malt Vinegar

Put all this in a pot and boil for half an hour.
Then add,
half a cup of flour
2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons mustard
1 tablespoon tumeric
1 tablespoon Curry Powder
Add this to the mixture and boil another 15-20 minutes then bottle.

cap, May 13, 10:53pm
My mum used to make a Kiwifruit relish like that - very, very nice (especially spread on your cheese on toast! ).

kamitchell, May 14, 1:34am
I just finished making the kiwifruit relish! It smells really good, & I got 5 good size jars out of that single recipe.

jamiemew, May 14, 3:59am
Kamitchell cool thanks heaps for that am going to give it a try shortly if the kids let me :) i was going to make the relish off the zespri site but didnt have red wine vinegar so didnt but am making kiwifruit jam at the mo. and have preserved manderines, pears, apples and feijoas today... . they look great but one of the jars didnt seal? what do i do lol think i shall ring grandma she will know :)
also my kiwi fruit are still quite firm... can i preserve them or wait till they are softer? sorry about all the questions im new at this... . :)

kamitchell, May 14, 5:28am
Sounds like you've been busy today! for the jar that didnt seal, just put it back in a pot & bring it to the boil again, then re-bottle & seal again (all clean & new ofcourse). I noticed that the recipes on the zespri website didnt have very long shelf life, so that put me off them. I am going to make more of the relish tomorrow once I have brought more of the spices hehe. For the hardish kiwifruit, you can put it in a plastic bag with an apple or banana & that will ripen it up. I wouldn't use rockhard kiwis for cooking, but firm should be ok. Good luck :)

kamitchell, May 14, 9:18am
Well I have tried the relish with cheese & crackers, and it is delicious! ! Pretty sweet (with 2 cups of sugar, Duh! ), but really yummy! I will be making more tomorrow after I have restocked my spices hehehe

jamiemew, May 12, 6:43pm
kamitchell... ... . . just made the relish and mmmmmmmmm very yummy i only made a half batch and i was running out of kiwifruit as the kids have been at them lol but its definitely some thing i will do again :) and so easy! ! !

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