Kiwi fruit muffins???

kevthehunter, May 12, 3:44am
any one know how to cook them, can they be made into muffins? ? ? I have a large bowl full and need to do something with them.

245sam, May 12, 3:58am
kevthehunter, yes - kiwifruit can be made into muffins, cake and... . . many other things. For recipes, info' and just about anything you'd want/need to know about kiwifruit have a look at:-

pink-whistle, May 12, 4:02am
there is a lot of kiwifruit recipes in the latest foodtown magazine but I cannot find the magazine to write any out. One iskiwifruit and white chocolate muffins.

kevthehunter, May 12, 4:12am
Thank you so much for your help.

missmalice, May 12, 4:34am php? option=com_content&tas

that's the website associated with foodtown magazine :)

lx4000, Apr 23, 10:50am
just use a banana recipe/s and replace it with kiwifruit:)

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