Kiwi fruit Jam

niffer13, Aug 11, 3:07am
Any one got a good recipe for Kiwi fruit Jam please. I was given a jar & it was lovely. Think it had lemon or orange juice in it.

245sam, Aug 11, 4:05am
Not personally tried and tested niffer13, but you might like to try this recipe:-

Hope that helps. :-))

uli, Aug 11, 5:22am
Plain kiwifruit jam would be 1kg of peeled and chopped fruit and 1kg of sugar. If you use less sugar you might have to refrigerate or freeze if you want to keep it more than a few months.

I used to make half tamarillo half kiwifruit jam which was great.
Or you can add any citrus peel grated or juice.

It is essential that the kiwifruit is slightly unripe. Fully ripe and soft will not set without some help.

arielbooks, Aug 12, 12:14am
Same as Uli I always do weight for weight with sugar. My favourite is Kiwifruit and Tangelo Jam.

anne1955, Aug 12, 1:04am
Kiwi fruit and ginger jam the best. use preserved ginger and use as little or as much as you like. Like others equal kiwi fruit to sugar The extra on preserved ginger is not enough to worry about.

niffer13, Aug 12, 7:30am
The recipe I want has a vanilla bean/vanilla paste in it.

niffer13, Aug 12, 7:36am
Sorry. The link did not work for me.

valentino, Aug 12, 8:16am
Hmm, just add a vanilla bean to any recipe for that added touch of vanilla taste.

The following is a link that I usually nosey through, over time have interesting recipes (note on the right side of webpage the years - click onto these then peruse each further and highlighted recipes can be opened further).


niffer13, Aug 12, 8:43am
Thanks valentine that recipe sounds interesting.

whitehead., Aug 13, 3:58am
a bit of grated green ginger about the size of your thumb put in a teatowel and rung out so you get the juice will life your jam .people love the taste of green ginger

niffer13, Aug 17, 10:25pm
Finally got the recipe from my neighbour & she said she was muddled up & it was the fejoia jam that had the vanilla bean/paste in so I have a jar of bean paste @ $10.99 ready for fejoia season.
Made the kiwi fruit, orange & lemon juice jam yesterday. set really well & very yummy as well as the rhubarb & banana jam don't know which I like best.

keysie, Aug 31, 4:20am
Hi Niffer, just making this jam, seems very watery. Did you have to boil for long until it went thick. Thanks

niffer13, Aug 31, 8:23am
1 kg gold kiwi fruit [firm]
4 1/2 cups sugar
2 oranges
1 lemon
Peel & chop kiwi fruit
Zest 1 orange
Juice from oranges & lemon about a cup full or just under.
Boil 5-10 min mash fruit add sugar. Boil 30-40 min Until setting test is reached.

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