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barry68, Mar 31, 10:55pm
I am using Vencat curry powder, but would like to try a change without going through all the different types . I did try years ago Empire curry powder but cant seem to find any .
So , what's your favorite curry powder . many thanks

jaygee1962, Mar 31, 11:15pm
Oooh, haven't been able to get Vencat for ages, where have you been getting it from? I tried lots of others when the Vencat stopped being available but didn't rate any of them so I have resorted to making my own mix up. Pretty sure I saw Empire in Cambridge Countdown earlier this morning.

barry68, Apr 1, 12:09am
I got the Vencat at Newworld Tokoroa. I might be going through Cambridge in a couple of weeks so I will check out Empire . thanks

cgvl, Apr 1, 2:15am
Empire Madras if you can get it, wasn't any last week in Countdown here so got the Hot one instead but yes either that or Vencat are my favourites.

pickles7, Apr 1, 5:38am
I make my own and it's yummy.

awoftam, Apr 1, 6:08am
There is a shop in Thames that only sells curry powders, seed like black mustard and mustards - its awesome and will deliver I would imagine. Should be able to find it online.

clair4, Apr 1, 6:12am
Pickles - care to share your recipe. Is it hot or mild?
Many thanks

nauru, Apr 1, 7:05am
yes pickles, do tell, pls

sarahb5, Apr 1, 9:43am
I don't use curry powder at all - always use paste, much nicer flavour

barry68, Apr 1, 5:33pm
I think they have closed down awoftam

barry68, Apr 1, 5:35pm
That's interesting sarahb , what paste do you use . thanks

barry68, Apr 1, 5:38pm
Come on pickles , stop hiding and tell us your recipe

sarahb5, Apr 1, 6:44pm
Usually Pataks but depends what sort of curry I'm making - Indian, Thai, etc. i do have curry powder in my pantry but only really use it to colour rice as easier in the rice cooker.

jaygee1962, Apr 1, 6:49pm
I put a dash of my curry mix in my scrambled eggs., Apr 1, 7:34pm
I buy just any mild curry powder (so that I can hot it up if need be) and have just bought a big bag from Davis Trading as I use a fair bit of it. Normally I prefer to use grind my own spices with my pestle and mortar but if a recipe just calls for curry powder this is what I use. Simon Holst has a fab recipe using I think about 11 different spices that I mostly grind myself so it's a bit tiring on the old arms.

ritebuy, Apr 1, 8:03pm
Japanese curry powder comes in blockes in a flat box at countdown curried sausages are just devine with this also curried veg

jaygee1962, Apr 1, 8:45pm
I use a small coffee grinder to do my curry powder.

barry68, Apr 1, 9:02pm
What ingredients do you use . is it mild medium or hot jaygee

sarahb5, Apr 1, 9:03pm
Different dishes require different flavours - currently in my fridge I have tandoori paste, masala paste, green curry paste, red curry paste and korma paste as well as sambal oelek if I want to increase the heat in any of them

taurus2005, Apr 1, 9:11pm
and baked beans.

barry68, Apr 1, 11:41pm
I didn’t know that ritebuy , I will buy some and try them . thanks .

jaygee1962, Apr 1, 11:42pm
It's a fairly mild madras barry68. None of my curries ever taste the same and depending on the taste I want I will either use more onion, garlic, ginger or whatever before I add the curry powder, which also is always slightly different each time I mix it as nothing is ever properly measured. I used two or three different but v similar recipes as my base, one of which is this one

barry68, Apr 2, 12:12am
Thanks jaygee , its in my range , mild to medium flavour .

pickles7, Apr 2, 3:16am
There are so many recipes on the net. Some are way over the top I have to say.

samanya, Apr 2, 3:31am
Not willing to share your 'yummy' recipe?

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