pasta, potatoes ?microwaved

kclu, Feb 11, 3:14am
Can either of the above be cooked in the microwave? Not together of course.

jmonster, Feb 11, 3:21am
My dad used to cook whole potatoes in the microwave, by pricking them all over and wrapping in a papertowel then cooking for 5-7 mins or until soft.

I would imagine you could cook pasta by popping into boiling water ad microwaving for a few mins, not sure of exact time depends probably on your microwave.

angel404, Feb 11, 3:44am
i cook spuds in the microwave. if u want them in their skins just give them a scrub and prick them, put them in a suitable size glass dish with a lid (or use gladwrap to cover), i cook them in butter only and maybe a tablespoon of water. yummy! also try to cook spuds in the microwave that are of similar size so they cook at the same time.

245sam, Feb 11, 3:47am
kclu, yes both can be cooked in the microwave and I DO cook them in the microwave.

To cook the pasta I weigh or measure it into a dish or bowl (it needs to be a fairly large one to avoid boilovers). Add salt, then boiling water to well cover the pasta. I find that the pasta needs about the same time to cook in the microwave as it does on the stove-top so I give it 2-3 minutes on High, then give it a stir and return it to the microwave to cook, on High again, for the remainder of the cooking time.

I cook potatoes as jmonster's Dad used to and I also do 'boiled' potatoes in the microwave by placing the potatoes in a dish with a few tbsp water, then covering the dish and our m'wave has a potato setting so I usually use that and find that, depending on the size of the potatoes or potato pieces, I need to give them more time, about 1 minute at a time until they're all but cooked - by the time they have had their standing time they're usually completely cooked. :-))

kclu, Feb 12, 3:03am
Thank you everyone. Your comments are a great help to me. Just what I wanted to know.

snuzal, Feb 12, 4:07am
I cook Pasta in the microwave all the time. Especially if only cooking for one!

lilyfield, Aug 5, 4:05pm
there is absolutely nothing that I do NOT cook in the microwave.

I never fry anything-- my stove stays clean

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