Chicken curry pasta recipe please

kevin051, Nov 22, 5:38am
hi does anyone have a chicken curry recipe i really like the packet one but thought i would try it from scratch

cabbagefan, Nov 22, 5:50am
id make a curry cheese sauce, boil some pasta and mix it all up with the cooked chicken.and chuck in some peas for good measure!

kiwigoldie, Nov 22, 8:26am
1 x cooked chook


1x pottle thickened cream

1 x can Campbell’s cream of chicken soup

2-3 cups cooked pasta - spirals or shaped pasta

Curry powder (to your liking)

Grated cheese.

Break chicken up and place in dish

Cook broccoli and spread over chicken, add pasta

In a bowl mix cream, can of soup and curry powder together

Pour over the chicken and broccoli

Grate cheese on top

Put in pre heated over on approx 180degrees

For approx 30-40 mins or until it has browned a little.

If made without the pasta you can serve with rice or veges.Enjoy
Simple and suitable for all the family.
Not an authentic curry but a good hearty curry sort - of dish.

nzl99, Nov 22, 8:20pm
This is my mango chicken curry... just add veges as you like.I love the sweetness of the mangos. :)

anna787, Dec 7, 8:24pm
nzl99 I would love a recipe for that it looks great!, Dec 8, 3:15am
looks soooo yummyrecipe too please!

melford, Dec 10, 9:50am
If you click on the link the recipe is at the bottom of every photo

melford, Oct 14, 8:17am
oops sorry recipe but no amounts for the spices.Rachael help please