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white_elephant, May 6, 7:04am
Do you call your evening meal, Dinner or Tea?

bunny51, May 6, 7:05am

ted., May 6, 7:07am
Dinner when it's cooked kind of meat and vege. Tea when it's kind of easy

jessie981, May 6, 7:34am

rog.e, May 6, 7:36am
Dinner when meal will be of cooked food and Tea when it is acasual meal.

miss_vampy, May 6, 7:38am

waswoods, May 6, 7:46am
I drink my tea

elliehen, May 6, 7:47am
Dinner for posh and tea for nosh ;)

cap, May 6, 7:50am
I had to think about this one and I would say I mainly use "dinner". My American friend says "supper" but to me supper is a light snack after dinner.

samanya, May 6, 7:52am
evening meal . . dinner, always.
whether is F & C or the 3 course number

nfh1, May 6, 7:55am
Dinner here.

thunderflash, May 6, 7:56am
Dinner = a cooked lunch (middle of the day)
Tea = a cooked evening meal.

alebix, May 6, 8:07am
Dinner for the meal

Tea for a hot drink...

lookingfor, May 6, 8:32am
Dinner is my evening meal. Tea is a break I take at 3pm.

deus701, May 6, 8:39am

tea is something with cakes

waswoods, May 6, 8:46am
I also say supper. Dinner is posh when I take out my fancy dinner service etc

willow123, May 6, 8:53am

imn, May 6, 8:57am
Dinner. Tea is a cup of tea.

glendeb, May 6, 9:06am
Dinner. Although hubby calls it Tea, so the kids know what both are.

coolnzmum, May 6, 9:09am
Both no preference here we use both. Some nights its dinner others it tea.

herself, May 6, 10:41am
Either or. Means the same thing here.

charlieb2, May 6, 10:57am
Tea... a drink with bread and jam

crystalmoon, May 6, 9:00pm
As long as I'm not called late, I dont mind either :)

mummab, May 6, 9:11pm
We use both terms

luckyduck, May 6, 9:17pm
Both here.

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