Homemade Sausages

angel404, Dec 14, 10:47am
Does anyone have a favourite recipe? I really like the texture and flavour of highly processed sausages like sizzlers (lol) but obviously i don't want all the rubbish they put in those - in mine.

fogs, Dec 14, 11:03am
We make English pork sausages and they are incrediable. It is the sort f thing that you make the mix and then you fry a small patty to taste then add more pepper or salt or sage. We get ur sausage skins from our local butcher.
Pork mince 1kg (must be a reasonable amount of ft in the meat lean porrk mince doesn't make nice sausages
100 gms soft bread crumbs
a Handful of dried onions
approx 4 tablespoons of dried sage
salt and ground white pepper to taste
use a sausage maker to put the mixture through link the sausage by twisting then leave for 24 hours cut and freeze or cut and cook. They will taste exactly how sausages were made generations ago, No chemicals and preservatives and very little filling.

motorbo, Dec 15, 5:40am
im thinking of trying to make them just with a kitchen whizz . and mould them in the shape

nauru, Apr 10, 5:50pm
That is what I do or make them into patties, same as fogs suggested, I fry a small patty to check the taste and seasoning is correct.