Nice Homemade Yoghurt Please

hoffy10, Feb 19, 9:05pm
Just tried one with, 1 Cup Milk Powder, 1Ltr Water, 2 Tbspns Natural Yoghurt but it didn't work. (Recipe was off here) Would be interested in more Please.

lenart, Mar 28, 10:47pm
For this recipe to work, the milk needs to be heated to 44C and after mixing with yoghurt kept under this temperature for 3-5 hours depending on the culture. For guaranteed results it is better to use a commercial yoghurt culture, as the bacteria in yoghurt might not be viable (too long time in acidic yoghurt).

uli, Mar 28, 10:57pm
You need live bacteria - just "natural yoghurt" doesn't mean your bacteria are still alive.

You are much better off to start with a sachet of a proper yoghurt starter - check out your local supermarket.
If you buy one of those then you can use that yoghurt as a starter from then on.

If you buy a ready to eat yoghurt from the supermarket then the bacteria are either killed off by heat treatment or if still alive then are already starving. I would recommend cyclops (the greek plain one will work usually).

It is also very important to work extremely clean - glass is better than plastic containers, so you can keep them clean - always use very clean spoons etc. All the bacteria you bring in from the kitchen will shorten the lifespan of your yoghurt bacteria. This is why most people only use their own starter for 5 or 10 generations - then go and buy a new one.

harrislucinda, Mar 29, 12:29am
yesitryedthatturnedoutyukihavedonethe1warmingmilkandputin aflaskthatwasnotniceeither

fifie, Mar 29, 12:53am
Iv'e tried a fewalso with no success either.I now buy the hansells plain greek yoghurt at S/market about $3 something pkt is easy peasy to make, it makes me up a kilo container in my easi yo maker and is nice with cereals, fruit, berry slices etc and keeps well in the fridge. For $3 odd and just adding water to me its great in fact this week i'm going to strain off the whey, add herbs and make some sour cream, to see how it turns out with this yoghurt.

kay141, Mar 29, 2:45am
I start with a packet of natural Easiyo yoghurt, make that as per instructions. I have an Easiyo maker, the one you put the boiling water in. When I have nearly used that, I used 1 cup full cream milk powder, i litre cold tap water and 2 tbsps of my yoghurt. I have no problems, it does take a little longer. That gives me over a litre so the excess goes in a jar in the hot water cupboard. I can do that about 3 times and then I need to go back to a packet and start again. It seems to depend on how quickly I use the yoghurtbefore making more.

harrislucinda, Mar 29, 4:17am
soyouareusing 1cupmilk powderwithingredso will tryyourrecipein themakerthenwill reportback thanks

kay141, Mar 29, 4:30am
I'm only using milk powder because I don't use full fat milk for anything else so found a packet of that in the cupboard was easiest. Too old and so used to buying low fat milk to remember to buy different just for th yogurt. The milk is only for batches after the first. The first is the packet of Easiyo and follow the instructions on the back.

janny3, Mar 29, 8:20am
Adele Davis' recipe still works well for me too.Makes 2 litres so you could halve the quantities if you want.


* 1.5 c full cream non-instant milk powder

* 1 Can of evaporated milk

* 6 c clean water

Stir in a cpl of TBs fresh yoghurt

Set as usual in your Easiyo or other yoghurt maker.

When set refrigerate for a day to develop flavour/consistency before eating.

This makes pleasant mild and creamy yoghurt.

Have done this in those old glass individual yoghurt maker machines, also another electric one pot yoghurt maker with success.Back in the 70's I never had any yoghurt makers so made it in a Tupperware bowl left overnight in the dorm drying room.


morticia, Mar 29, 8:36am
That recipe works fine here every night. Did you use very cold water? That makes a difference.

ETA you make it UP TO 1 litre with the ingredients, not use a litre of water plus the other bits.

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