Looking for a nice BLAND herbal tea.

paora-tm, Apr 21, 5:54am
I have a crap stomach which tolerates red wine more than it does coffee and tea - even many of the herbal teas. I do like Red Seal Relaxing Tea and Sweet Dreams Tea - even Alpine Tea but I'm looking for something which won't sedate me or clean me out when I don't need either things. I'm not that fond of Chamomile. Peppermint or Fennel. Any suggestions?

245sam, Apr 21, 6:56am
paora-tm ,are you wanting a fruity herbal tea? If so I recommend


I do not drink ordinary tea at all and have occasional drinks of coffee and ice teas, but when it comes to herbal teas I have tried most of Healtheries' fruity herbal teas and enjoyed most of them but the one above is my fav. I have not found that the herbal teas "sedate me or clean me out" at all.

Hope that helps. :-))

lenart, Apr 21, 9:15am
My favorites at the moment are persimmon, loquat, mulberry, dakudami leaf teas, really delicious. I also enjoy regularly drinking cassia seed tea. I myself don't like chamomile, peppermint or fennel flavours as well, but I like chrysanthemum tea. Most of these teas I buy from Korean shops, they have large variety of teas of all sorts and all good quality. I discovered these teas after giving up on caffeine.

paora-tm, Apr 21, 9:17am
234sam, thanks, I have tried a few fruity teas. I don't mind them occasionally but I'm really looking for something like the ones I mention - something that doesn't really taste like anything and doesn't have the sweet taste of fruity teas.

tc47, Apr 21, 9:21am
rooibus? :)

paora-tm, Apr 21, 9:29am
Thanks lenart, I might check out some of those. I just checked the packets for the Relaxing Tea and the Sweet Dreams Tea and I notice they both contain Peppermint and Chamomile. lol They also both have Passionflower and Valerian root. I'll have to check to see if Red Seal make a combination daytime tea.

sarahb5, Apr 21, 11:00am
I love green tea with ginger and lemon

pony_girl, Apr 21, 11:47am
We grow our own tea (Camellia sinensis) and all we do is pick the tips (growing tips and first two young leaves) and then put in a box with a bit of handy towel, leave to dry (approx. a week) and then use that to make our tea. It is a nice mild tea and like sarahb5 says, nice with a bit of ginger and lemon (or honey) if you feel like a change. If you Google the plant you will find lots of nurseries that sell it - and the bonus is that it is a lovely bush.

murfee, Apr 22, 9:04am
Thanks for the info - just bought a tea plant from TM :-)

daarhn, Apr 23, 8:44am
T2 tea traders is devine. look them up online for store. When ever I visit Sydney, I stock up on all my favs. The store is over load of every type of tea plus tastings and tea cups, glasses and tea pots. The Sydney store also has T2 tea shop cafe using the tea cups and teas for sale.

pony_girl, Apr 23, 10:31am
That's great murfee, I am sure you will love the bush and enjoy drinking your homegrown tea :-)

nauru, Sep 18, 10:52am
Twinnings cranberry and raspberry tea is nice, lots of flavour and nice either hot or as an iced tea.

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