Japonica jelly. Recipe?

schnauzer11, Apr 6, 1:18am
I remember my Nana making this, and, for the first time, the wild Japonica on our property is dropping loads of apples.Haven't made jelly from anything for many years. Thank you.

allurs, Apr 6, 4:13am
Haven't made for years but use the same method as for Quince jelly it is beautiful

lurtz, Apr 6, 4:58am
I used to make it many years ago. I think I just used an Apple jelly recipe. Along with Quince it is a member of the Rose family,and Rosehip jelly is also one I used to make. Nice memories:-) Here's Aunt Daisy's recipe.

Japonica apples
cold water
1 cup sugar to each cup of strained juice
juice of 1 lemon to every 1.35 kgs of Japonicas

Cut up apples, put in pan. Add cold water, but not enough to cover.
Cover and cook until tender. Strain overnight.
Next day, measure juice and bring to boil, add sugar and boil until it will set.
Sets quickly. Lemon juice improves the flavour of this jelly.

P.S. I often cut back on the required amount of sugar in jams and jellies because I like to taste the true fruit flavour, and not so much of the sweetness.

schnauzer11, Apr 6, 12:26pm
Thank you all so much-on the stove as I write!

bev00, Apr 17, 10:43am
a oldie but a goodie

schnauzer11, Apr 17, 11:11am
That japonica-jelly I made last year is still giving us much delight! I potted it in little Chinese teacups,(about 100mls) and we still have a couple to go.I only put one in the fridge once unsealed,I just used tight clingfilm, the others are in the pantry. It's amazing with roast pork, as, I guess, apple-sauce is, and a great addition to many savoury sandwiches.We've moved house now, and only a tiny japonica-harvest here!

bev00, Oct 5, 3:49pm
My recipe is cut up all of the quinces that is skin, core everything and put in water to just below quinces and boil up then strain through muslin and then next day measure liquid and add cup of sugar for every cup of liquid

But first you bring the liquid to the boil and give it a good boil for 5 minutes then add sugar and l boil for about 35 minutes and it should be ready l test it before that though until l have it setting
Hope that helps

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