Gluten free crumble topping

westigal, Apr 21, 7:59pm
Does anyone have a tried and tested topping recipe please. New to the Gluten free regime. I made a rhubarb and apple crumble last night, using GF flour mix (packet) butter, coconut, sugar and ground vanilla flakes. It was very nice, but the topping was a bit gluggy in places. What else can I add to the mix to make it a bit more crumbly. (my friend cant handle porridge oats either) .

raloki, Apr 21, 8:16pm
I use rice flakes in a crumble topping. The ones next to the base will soften as all the mixture does but the others will crisp up and give a crunch. Rice Flakes are my go to for anything with oats in.

le-min1, Apr 21, 8:23pm
I just do normal topping using Edmonds GF flour. Even non gf free people have asked for 2nds!, Apr 21, 9:18pm
I make one using, chopped nuts like almonds, coconut flour, desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, butter.

cgvl, Apr 21, 9:42pm
I use almonds ground or almond flour/meal, or ground hazelnuts. For my GF crumble mix I replace plain flour with GF flour, use almonds or hazelnuts, butter and brown sugar. My GF friends can handle rolled oats but just replace them with extra GF flour and almonds. Recipe as such I don't have but in general its approx 80g of flour, oats, almonds, 120g butter and ½ cup brown sugar. There is a lot of sugar and butter in this and I whizz the whole rather than rub it in. Oh and the fruit I use has no added sugar in it, even when I do rhubarb.

westigal, Apr 22, 2:15am
Thanks for the ideas, a real learning curve. Severe allergy so have to be careful . Going shopping for nuts and more GF flours today, loves his puddings so had better learn fast .

mjhdeal, Sep 23, 3:59pm
I have made mine with. 1 1/2 cups ground almonds/almond meaI, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons butter/coconut oil, teaspoon of cinnamon: mix together, sprinkle evenly over fruit. I don't add any sweetener, as I find the fruit sweet enough.

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