Readymade custard recipes! anyone have any!?

245sam, Nov 9, 9:03pm
Custard Squares - I have a recipe of Robyn Martin's but sorry. we are about to go out so I don't have the time to post the recipe now - will post later in the day if you'd like that recipe. :-))

unknowndisorder, Nov 9, 9:40pm
toenails, I have a recipe (personally untried) of Robyn Martin's in one of her Quick n Easy books that uses commercially prepared custard for custard squares - the filling is 4 tsp gelatin, 2 tbsp water, 1 x 1 litre carton prepared custard.

Hope that helps. :-))

Edited to add that in another of Robyn's recipes she uses the following quantities for the filling for custard squares: 3 tbsp gelatine, 2 tbsp water, 1 litre prepared custard.
Obviously there is a considerable difference in the gelatine quantites (4 tsp v. 9 tsp) so one (the second) filling would be a firmer one. I have never used gelatine (or commercial custard) for custard squares so I can't advise re which of the above options would be best. :-))

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unknowndisorder, Nov 9, 9:42pm
You can also do a search here using "last year" to see if you can come up with other recipes :)

recipe above is one that 245sam had posted in an earlier custard square thread :)

245sam, Nov 10, 3:21am
Thanks unkowndisorder, for reposting my earlier posting with the custard square recipe - I didn't have time to do a search for it this morning before we needed to be out and about for a lunch reservation. :-))

unknowndisorder, Nov 10, 4:45am
no worries, I figured you might have posted it at some stage :) Make up for the faux pas with the carrot salad recipe yesterday (all I had remembered was someone looking for carrot salad and not re-reading the thread lol)

hope you enjoyed your lunch :)

bev00, Jul 8, 2:00am

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