Steak, rump and T bone

conreb, Apr 16, 12:43am
Not very good at cooking steak, was going to try baking them in oven. Has one done this? Any tips or idea's. Please and thanks.

teddy147, Apr 16, 1:16am
t bone fry in a hot pan or oil meat and grill
rump steak, marinate and fry, or brown off and use for steak n onions, lots that can be done, try allrecipes au.

fifie, Oct 7, 2:09am
T bone oil salt pepper, cast iron pan heat till really hot in with the steak, few mins each side turn once only, rest and enjoy wth nice salad. Love piece of rump spread with favchutney/relish add few sliced mushrooms onions, slice tomato grated cheese s/p wrap in foil bake in oven, last 20-30 mins open parcel to brown and crisp top, serve with mash vegs and little gravy in winter.

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