Hi there. So long since I cooked a cray that I have forgotten how long to boil i t for. It is medium size . Thanks for any advice.

Chef_alophia, Mar 16, 8:22 pm

5 min

Chef_rainrain1, Mar 16, 9:14 pm

around 2 &1/2 minutes per pound and then plunge in cold water to stop it continuing to cook

Chef_golfdiver, Mar 16, 9:38 pm

Longer than 5 mins unless you like your crayfish semi raw. 12-15mins is my yardstick. Ensure that the entire shell has turned from the dark browny colour to a bright orange - the entire shell.

If I steam them in my bamboo steamer (good for cooking lots) then 15-20mins.

Chef_buzzy110, Dec 20, 12:55 am

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