Help with Crayfish finger food

borsal, Mar 5, 9:53am
Hi there people.
I have four freshly cooked crayfish in the fridge that I want to do something with for a 50th birthday party tomorrow night. Just finger food, canapes sort of thing. Ideas please... ... . . TIA.

buzzy110, Mar 5, 10:55am
Make a proper mayonnaise made with egg yolk, olive oil/avocado oil (mix), lemon juice and the tiniest dash of mustard powder (it mustn't overpower)
Boil and cool new dug potatoes (use new or boiling potatoes only) till just tender and dice small
Finely diced red onion (not too much)
Fresh dill - chopped (a reasonable amount)
Lettuce leaves or hollowed out tomato halves & a rocket leaves

Make potato salad with potatoes, red onion, mayonnaise and dill
Put a small layer into a lettuce leave, put diced crayfish on top and wrap in lettuce leaf so that it can be eaten with fingers. Hold together with a toothpick. Or stuff your tomato halves with a rocket leaf, potato salad and a chunk of crayfish.
Put a flag onto one with the words "Crayfish Canape".

I have made this recipe several times but never wrapped in lettuce leaves but served with fresh rocket. It is the most sensuous, sensational, scrumptious entree ever. People resent having to go onto the next course.

beaker59, Mar 6, 12:19am
Do crayfish have fingers? ? ?

borsal, Oct 4, 3:12am
Thanks Buzzy. I love rocket as well and this sounds like a really fantastic combination. That's my plan for tonight!

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