Crayfish Help cooking please

blackbnz, Mar 1, 9:37am
Hubby was given 4 crayfish today they are frozen and rapped in gladwrap. What do I do now I have left 2 in the fridge to thaw out for tomorrow but have no idea what to do with them? ALso any easy yummy recipes for them? Do I cook them in a pot of boiling water? I love crayfish but honestly have only eaten them when some one else has done all the work! Lol any hints greatly appreciated. .

d_exponent, Mar 1, 9:49am
drop them in a pot of boiling water, cook for 8 minutes only !

fifie, Mar 1, 9:56pm
As above, don't cook to long, Ive always done them the usual boring way with a little vinegar, or grilled halves with garlic butter, herbs, lemon zest etc, or on the BBQ. Here is a link to some recipes from our local fish suppliers you might find one you like to try, they have some good fish recipes from their chef... Lucky you Enjoy. . php? pageLoad=18&par=15

blackbnz, Mar 1, 10:21pm
mmmm thankyou fifie! Yes I know we are lucky cannot wait to eat them! will takea look at that site!

blackbnz, Mar 1, 10:24pm
I might try the simple crayfish with lemon butter sauce. Does anyone know what and where clarified butter is?

pericles, Sep 21, 9:50pm
butter made clear by heating and removing the sediment of milk solids

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