rainrain1, Mar 28, 6:01am
I was given a couple of fresh caught but cooked crays, I don't reckon they are cooked enough . what would you do with them? Shall I split tails and fry in a bit of butter?

fruitbat, Mar 28, 6:09am
Yeah or grill. but don't over cook them. That's a sin.

articferrit, Mar 28, 6:21am
split them, add a bit of butter etc and then grill them,.

rainrain1, Mar 28, 7:36pm
Thanks . I will grill

samanya, Mar 28, 11:27pm
Can I come for dinner?

rainrain1, Mar 29, 2:27am
There would be enough for company

samanya, Mar 29, 2:46am
Probably couldn't get down to yours in time for dinner . I'm drooling though. Enjoy!

fifie, Mar 29, 5:47am
Grill, brushed with garlic parsley butter but don’t over cook. Ooh lucky you enjoy !

rainrain1, Mar 29, 6:40am
I'm off this minute to make that

cleggyboy, Mar 30, 2:03am
Disgusting putting garlic or chilly or any other strong flavour on such beautiful delicate seafood, it is a sin!

rainrain1, Mar 30, 3:17am
Sometimes a change from plain old crayfish is dam good, we ate it both ways the last two meals. plain with one meal, and hot with garlic and parsley butter. Now we don't care if we don't see it again till the sons next years fishing trip ;-)

samanya, Mar 30, 3:44am
I like a tiny dribble of lemon juice on it.
Each to their own re flavours.
I once bought a whitebait sandwich on the West Coast & the woman asked me if I wanted mint sauce on it . yikes, I was horrified.
Later I tried a dash on whitebait fritters & it was damned good . not much, mind you.
It's funny isn't it, those delicacies that we love just a taste every now & again is really appreciated & keeps us going until the next taste.

rainrain1, Mar 30, 4:19am
I craved the crayfish with leeks, yum, so baked a leek and potato meal to go with it. it was really good together.

rainrain1, Mar 30, 4:21am
Now I have a large chunk of smoked Tuna to do something with. not sure what though ? Any ideas out there thanks?

davidt4, Mar 30, 4:39am
Smoked tuna can be a bit dry, so I would make a runny tartare sauce (home made mayo with egg yolks, olive oil, lemon juice, capers, gherkins and parsley, if too thick loosen with a little milk) cut the tuna into chunks and make it into a salad with lettuce, tomato, red onion, green olives. Add some hard boiled eggs if you want to extend the quantity.

cleggyboy, Mar 30, 5:26am
I cringe when I see these so called celebratory chefs throwing all these strong flavours over such fantastic seafood. I could understand if they were cooking Hoki or Parore, but the better choices should always be appreciated with natural sea flavours.
Sort of compares to a best cut of steak being chopped up and put into a slow cooker, with all sorts of flavourings.

rainrain1, Mar 30, 6:38am
I don't think it's all that fantastic myself, give me Oysters and Blue Cod over Crayfish any day
Bluff Oysters that is. drool, must get some this week

rainrain1, Mar 30, 6:41am
thankyou . I was wondering about a pie also?

samanya, Oct 9, 3:50pm
I love most food from the sea . except Kina.

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