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kirmag, Apr 23, 11:39pm
back in January. I have never made a Carrot Cake before. I love baking, but one cake I've never made for some reason. Am making one for this weekend and after doing a search I came across your recipe in another thread and it looks like my kinda cake - easy, large and moist are always good with cakes!

Anyway my question is: when you say "whizz" does that mean in a food processor? And what connection do you use? The one with 2 blades?
Hopefully you see this thread :) and thanks in advance.

You post below:
Our family favourite - from the message board and apology to the original poster as I haven't recorded your name.

Fab Moist Large Carrot Cake(THE BEST EVER)
Whizz chop 3 med.carrots.
ADD:2 cups sugar,2 tsp.cinnamon,1 cup oil,4 eggs.
Whizz till well blended.
ADD;2 cups plain flour,2 tsp baking powder,1 tsp baking soda,1 tsp salt. Whizz again till well blended.
Pour into large lined cake tin.(makes a large 27 cm round cake-6 cm deep)Bake@150 degrees c. approx 1 hour.
Check with skewer.
Ice with Cream Cheese Icing when cold.
100grm Cream Cheese, 50g butter, 1tsp vanilla, 2 cups icing sugar. Soften Cr cheese & butter, whip till smooth. Add vanilla & icing sugar. Addition of either lemon or orange rind & juice lifts flavour. The BEST recipe I have ever had!

I have made it successfully with Gluten free flour. Also used egg substitute (so dairy, egg & GF) but it then cooks better in muffin pans or a ring tin. Obviously don't use cream cheese icing for dairy free! Nice with a lemon glaze though.

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nzpcltd, Apr 24, 12:54am
This is a great recipe. just to let you know I just grate the carrot and add the other ingredients and mix with a hand mixer since my Food Processor is too small to handle a mix this big. works every time

kirmag, Apr 24, 2:35am
Sounds good to me, using my trusty mixer and grating the carrot.

Thank you! Glad to hear others think it's a good recipe too.

nanasee1, Apr 24, 5:22am
Hi Kirmag I use the metal blade in my Kenwood Multi Pro 750 (Not a new machine by any means!) Still a favourite with family & make it often. Good luck.

kirmag, Sep 16, 5:09pm
Thanks nanasee!

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