Rescuing a carrot cake disaster

bappy, Sep 6, 9:09am
Help!I have guests for dinner tomorrow and I baked my foolproof carrot cake.However I must have put too much baking soda and not enough sugar (multi tasking/ lack of concentration).My cake takes salty, not at all sweet and not its usual moist self.How can I rescue it?

I was thinking of pouring some orange syrup (an improvisation on the lemon syrup topping) so that I can make it moist and sweet.But all the recipes say that the cake must be hot before pouring the lemon syrup.Can I pour it on a cold cake?Can I nuke my cake in the microwave and then pour the orange syrup on it?

I do intend to use cream cheese icing on top, after the above rescue.What do you think?

fisher, Sep 6, 12:07pm
ummmm make another ..."foolproof" one :}

crails, Sep 6, 8:24pm
You need to make another or something else.You can't save something that has too much baking soda nothing masks the taste

cookessentials, Sep 6, 9:29pm
Yeah, I am thinking the same...I just dont think a syrup is going to disguise the baking soda taste.

gardie, Sep 7, 4:43am
last night my daughter made a chocolate self saucing pudding - she used the ingredients that make a third of a recipe except that she put the full recipe worth of boiling water in it.Some things just aren't worth saving.

bisloy, Mar 4, 4:03pm
So sorry to hear of your loss - I hate having to chuck it out too, such a waste!!!