4 egg white Pav

motorbo, Dec 24, 7:50pm
im after a tried and true recipe plz. as im not flash with pavs. also can you reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe?

daarhn, Dec 24, 8:02pm

voyager4, Dec 24, 8:04pm
3 large [size 7]or 4 smaller [size 6] egg whites. - [keep yolks for making lemon honey or mayonnaise, or cook and sprinkle over salads]
1 & 1/4 cups sugar - either plain or caster sugar
1 tsp vinegar
1 tsp vanilla
3 tsp cornflour.
3 tsp water

Separate eggs, beat until stiffish, add sugar gradually until dissolved and mix is stiff, add other ingredients separately while beating. Pour and scrape and shape onto a baking tray, preferably lined with moistened baking paper and sprinkled with cornflour. In preheated oven Bake at 120 deg c for 1 hr, turn off oven, and remove when cold. Enjoy. This one has a soft centre and crisp outside.

madj, Dec 24, 10:03pm
sorry I posted a 6 egg one and not a 4 egg one. I will look into my recipe folder and see what I have.

wheelz, Dec 25, 12:27am
There's one in this article, along with some good advice:

leeran, Feb 29, 12:47am
Interesting article but it does make pavlova cooking quite a science. Also the article says not to use fan bake. I've just moved into a new home & to my surprise the oven has 2 choices. grill or fan bake only. So it was with trepidation I made a pav a couple weeks ago, the 1st thing cooked in my brand new oven. It came out perfect.
Standard recipe;
4 egg whites room temp beaten til stiff
slowly add cup & 1/4 caster sugar
then 1tsp white vinegar, 1 tsp vanilla & 1 tab cornflour
Have oven pre heated to 180 then when put the pav in turn down to 100
for 1 hour then turn off & leave in over night.

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