I have smoked chicken-mushrooms -leeks-

samsnan, Dec 1, 1:45am
plus the usual basics. Some sort of pie or risoni or rice dish for dinner please.

kirmag, Dec 1, 1:51am
Make a white sauce, chuck in some thyme, black pepper, chicken stock and then chuck in those chopped ingredients and make a pie.

sampa, May 22, 11:00am
Nice in a pasta bake. Just do the usual with pasta - any shape, spirals are nice or any of the more substantial types - and cook leeks and mushrooms a bit then mix all above in with white or cheese sauce. Cooks best in a flattish dish with sides. Sprinkle cheese on top and pop in the oven, bake till done. I love smoked chicken with capers in this dish but maybe you don't have any capers or aren't a fan . just go with what you have or do the pie as suggested above. All very tasty and pretty straight forward.

Have a lovely dinner. :)

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