World Vegetarian Month 1stOct

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daarhn, Sep 22, 8:46pm
A challenged for our carnivore brothers and sisters to sample the ways of the grass grazers during the month of October. Link to todays Viva recipes in NZ Herald.

pinnochio1, Sep 22, 11:16pm
I do not exclude any single food source from my diet intake, everything in moderation has far greater health value than what you are proposing. .So I happily decline your nonsensical offer. For your information it is called, "the Like Diet".

sampa, Sep 22, 11:32pm
Did no one explain to them that day light savings is about to start and the quintessential Kiwi thing to do is haul out the barbie, give it a dust off, send resident winter guests (spiders etc) on their way to find new summer digs and cook up a mess of steak and sausies with a side of iceberg lettuce, tinned beetroot slices and a cold one in the hand that isn't busy poking holes in the steak?

Timing people.

rainrain1, Sep 22, 11:45pm
Who gives a fat rat

muffin2, Sep 23, 12:47am
my niece proudly said the other day that she was becoming vegetatian. and her Dad said "that means no more bacon" to which she replied "No - bacon comes from pigs and they eat grass and stuff, so they are vegetarian pigs"!

uli, Sep 23, 1:09am
I DO love vegetarian recipes - as all of them go very nicely with a hot sizzling steak :)

Last night it was a leek and potato gratin with just cream and herbs and salt and pepper (no cheese) and a huge bowl of green salad from the garden.

daarhn, Sep 23, 3:14am
Bahahahaha you lot are a riot. wack wack

davidt4, Sep 23, 3:20am
Wack wack? What does that mean?

uli, Sep 23, 3:51am
The mind boggles .

meanwhile I love the saying that "vegetarians eat the food of my food" . = grass anyone?

motorbo, Sep 23, 3:54am
awesome link- thanks
i love my vege meals:)

nauru, Sep 23, 6:54am
Love it, lol.

awoftam, Sep 23, 6:57am
A daffy duck quote perhaps

daarhn, Sep 23, 8:56am
Sniggers. wack wack as in you're all a hilarious riot and I'm in my riot apron wack wacking you with my woodenspoon. Think Benny Hill

uli, Sep 23, 9:52am
Who is Benny Hill?

davidt4, Sep 23, 8:09pm
Benny Hill was an English comedian who specialised in slapstick and vulgarity. Here's an excerpt from a review: "Hill's show was chock-full of double entendres, sight gags, cross-dressing, and the scantily-clad beauties "Hill's Angels" that became his stock-in-trade. He also loved using slow-motion, speeded-up motion, and time-lapse sequences. It was with these classic shows of the '70s and '80s that Benny really hit his stride as a comic, and for these shows he will always be remembered."

Some people loved his shows. I thought they were ghastly.

aktow, Sep 24, 12:55pm
Vegetarian Month. yeah right,, sorry don't eat veg. rainrain1 is right. don't gives a rats for greenies or vegetarians.

illusion_, Sep 26, 3:10am
I prefer to "sample the grass grazers" rather than "their ways", so will continue to do so

those who choose to eat grass . just dont starve any of those lovely yummy animals to death. its cruel

kay141, Sep 26, 3:15am
I note, no vegetarians have commented. Probably avoiding the abuse.

awoftam, Sep 26, 3:21am
I am a vegetarian around 5 days a week

uli, Sep 26, 3:34am
I am a vegetarian if I feel like it - can be several days in a row :)

uli, Sep 26, 3:35am
Give us some recipes aktow - sounds intriguing your diet.

daarhn, Sep 26, 7:10am
Helllloooo--echo echo echo

daarhn, Sep 26, 8:15am

daarhn, Sep 26, 8:20am

wasala, Sep 26, 8:39am
Gosh, this sounds familiar! A bit like a Maria Dallas song!