I buy Eclipse powdered milk from supermarket

jills3, May 8, 8:05pm
Looks ok when I make it up with water, but when I put it in coffee or tea it has curdled. Any ideas why this would happen. I buy 1 packet every 2 weeks, thank you.

lilyfield, May 8, 8:16pm
Put a drible of cold water with the cold powders first and mix before adding hot.

Mine does too, but i don't care unless visitors come, than I have some ready mixed in the fridge

jills3, May 8, 8:28pm
Thank you lilyfield, I make it up in a bottle 2 litres at a time, I only mix powder with cold water then put in a 2 litre bottle, cold water only. The tea or coffee sure looks horrible with small chunky bits floating on top.

lilyfield, May 9, 12:27am
is your kitchen very warm? I keep all powder in deep freeze and only take a very small amount out each time. It had gone off on me before.

buzzy110, May 9, 1:51am
Has it curdled or is it just a case of lumps not fully dissolved into the water? If the second why not try blending it with a hand blender instead of just mixing it, or at the very least, using a whisk to blend the powder and water.

deanna14, Aug 8, 10:18am
Milk powder is much improved to what it was years ago. You always had to mix it to a paste first carefully, than add more cold water and beat.

We only use milk powder, buy about 8 bags at a time and don't keep it anywhere special. Not sure what your problem could be.

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