Canapes / finger food

suzanna, Jun 30, 1:01am
I am catering for a cocktail party in London in August for women from many countries. I am seeking some delicious simple ideas please. It is summer so a good choice of produce available. I won't have a kitchen and will probably have to transport the food to the venue. I do have some ideas re heating food so that won't be an issue. I know there are many threads but would love to draw on people's experiences with similar situations. Previously I have always had full kitchen facilities and unlimited budgets so this is a different call. Thanks for any suggestions. I should also mention that it is a NZ hosted party so NZ food ideas would be great but of course not compulsory.

bev00, Aug 9, 10:26am
NZWW Wendyl Nissen

Pumpernickel bread

3 cups stone-ground rye flour
1 cup kibbled rye
1 cup kibbled wheat
1½ tsp salt
2 tbsp treacle
2 tbsp olive oil
¼ cup bran
1 tsp caraway seeds
3 cups boiling water
1. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl and leave overnight, covered.

2. In the morning, add enough flour to handle the dough and shape it into a loaf. Place in a well-greased loaf tin, pushing down firmly. Cover with foil.

3. Bake at 120°C for 3½ hours, or until the loaf is firm. Take the foil off for the last 15 minutes to brown the top.

4. Once cooled, wrap the loaf in greaseproof paper, then a layer of foil and keep in the fridge. You will need to let it sit for a day or two before you can slice it.

Tip: Pumpernickel has a wonderful malty taste and is delicious served with salmon and cream cheese or cheddar cheese with pickles or chutney.

lindylambchops1 (39 39 positive feedback) 10:21 pm, Thu 8 Aug #8

vicki_r, Aug 10, 9:14am
Vietnamese rice paper wraps with crap sticks and crisp sprouts, carrot sticks, capsicum etc and a dipping sauce

anne1955, Aug 10, 11:12am
Samosa's filled with what ever you like. yogurt pastry easy peasy I have just today catered for 40 and had now power here yesterday. Also homemade easy stuffed breads All can be done gluten free and just about anything free. Home made dips not tinned rubbish here sour cream and any chutney you like 250 sour cream and equal of any chutney home made is fine or home made chow chow pickle all great. Vegie sticks for dipping and tonight I put out vegie chips 2.00 a bag from Countdown.
I know if you haven't done this sort of thing it may sound daunting but don't just slow down and think quietly about things. Rice wrappers or spring rolls wrappers all great for putting hot and cold things in. Think about nuts and spices (whole not powdered so much) crushed with nuts as a dacaka )(sp) hope this helps.

dbab, Aug 11, 4:43am
One Xmas I started with a slice of telegraph cucumber, next a slice of tomato, and finally a cube of feta cheese.
All the Xmas colours ( but doesn't have to be for Xmas), and easy to do.

52many, Aug 11, 5:07am
That's a good idea for Christmas. I am going to cut cubes of cucumber and cubes of feta and put a cherry tomato in the middle with a toothpick.

motorbo, Aug 11, 5:34am
cheese straw recipe from Edmonds, roll out to line patty tins, blind bake then fill with partially cooked scrambled egg mixed with crispy cooked chopped bacon and parsley . my mums old recipe. but you could fill with alsorts the cheese straw recipe is lovely with sharp cheese and the paprika you could add a blue cheese/rocket/tomato combo. let your imagination go wild . pizza style. cook flat rounds and top

tessie2, Aug 13, 10:48am
Something I've done a number of times and always get great comments. I buy a half dozen wholegrain farmhouse style breadrolls, cut each roll into thin slices, spread with assortment of cream cheese, cottage cheese, pate. Add combination of various toppings eg salami, gherkins, egg (sliced/curried), cheese, salmon, tomato, cucumber, capsicum etc. Makes a decent quantity and they look good and taste delicious.

rarogal, Aug 16, 1:44am
Do you do Pinterest? Some fabulous ideas there.

mkbooks, Aug 16, 1:55am
Slices of baguette spread with lite cream cheese-gherkin relish + topped with (cheap)( smoked salmon scraps/or crab stick slices-OR cranberry jelly + smoked chicken slices OR spread with Brie/Camembert, topped with gherkin
OR spread with cr/cheese, onion marmalade + small pieces of ham or just Brie + slice tomato

ruby2shoes, Aug 16, 2:29am
sushi, asparagus rolls, mini club sammies - with homemade cheese,onion and parsley! Like tessie and mkbooks ideas too.

jaez1, Oct 15, 7:32am
I'm looking for some ideas for canapes or finger food that is not expensive.
Images would be great. I've looked on the web, but members here might have just the sort I'm looking for.
Thanks kindly

davidt4, Oct 15, 7:24pm
Home made dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) are my fallback when I need something really cheap, portable, gluten-free and vegetarian. They are a lot of work though.

duckmoon, Oct 16, 4:34am
Have bumped a party food thread for you

As, use the search function for finger food threads , there are some ideas in them

motorbo, Oct 16, 4:43am
mini anything seems to work, I would try for more vege ideas as cheaper, e.g. vege sausage rolls, mini south island cheese rolls, things on mini kebab sticks - such as meatballs, fruit and pineapple lump, satay chicken, tempura veges, and do dipping sauces

rarogal, Oct 17, 10:14pm
Haloumi pieces, wrapped in wilted spinach, then prosciutto and grilled. VERY yummy. Vol-au-vaunts filled with mashed smoked oysters or mussels, in a white sauce.

motorbo, Oct 18, 3:46am
prosciutto isn't cheap is it?

davidt4, Oct 18, 4:29am
Neither is haloumi unless you make it yourself.

motorbo, Oct 18, 4:38am
true I thought of that when typing and then thought gosh I will sound like im being really picky if I say both LOL

jaez1, Oct 18, 8:04pm
Thanks everyone. These have been really helpful, and I've added them to myideas list.
Some are expensive ideas, but they are still good to know about.

oopie, Oct 18, 8:46pm
Cranskies with a bit of pastry wrapped around. Delish!

vomo2, Dec 30, 1:00am
Very fresh white bread crustless parsely rolls always go down a treat. Flatten the bread lightly with a rolling pin and spread with margarine, pepper and salt. The sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and roll. Serve chilled . Delicious and oh so cheap to make!

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