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eternity04, Apr 12, 6:26am
My partner just brought a Breadmaker and I don't know a think about them. According to the recipe I have to use Tandaco yeast, what kind of yeast is that because Ive never heard of it before. And do I have to use Bread Improver as well? And where can you buy these ingredients from? HELP lol

lyingnun, Apr 12, 6:31am
You can use any brand of yeast. I find the individual satchets are best. You get them at the supermarket in a box of about 10 I think.
Google bread making and you will find lots of good tips and recipes.
Note Australian measurements differ from std NZ measurements.

cgvl, Apr 12, 9:42am
Use either of the two brands of breadmaker yeast. It has the bread improver in it. I prefer the Tasti brand but either do work.
Depending on the Brand of Bread Maker will depend on which way the ingredients go in. Any recipe will work providing you put the ingredients in in the order that the manufacturer recommends.
Mines a Panasonic, so yeast, flour, sugar, salt, milk powder, butter or oil and then water in that order. My mothers is the opposite.
Supermarket for yeast and high grade flour or if you have a Binn Inn then try to get bread flour, has a higher protein level.

nic160, Apr 12, 9:59am
Hi. I use the Tasti Brand breadmaker yeast. I found that the recipes which came with my breadmaker never tasted good however once I got the Alison Holst bread making book I was away. All the recipes are yum :) Good luck!

nauru, Apr 12, 12:48pm
I agree about AH bread book. I use it all the time and always make good bread, I use surebake yeast with the red cap.

deanna14, Apr 12, 6:46pm
My favourite recipe for a simple white loaf:

1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
2 TLB milk powder
2 TLB oil or butter or coconut oil
330 mils water
450 grams of flour (high grade or bakers)
3 tsp Surebake (red lid) yeast.

In that order (yeast must not meet sugar of salt till the machine decides) and all measurements level or weighed.

Best of luck with your first loaf.

lythande1, Apr 12, 7:57pm
Edmonds yeast sachets, you don't need anything except flour, water and plain yeast.
Fats and milk make it soft and squashy, fine if you like shop bread.
I prefer a decent crust and fluffy inside.

Doesn't keep as well, but hey you can make a smaller loaf daily instead.

claire30, Apr 13, 3:41am
Sounds wonderful lythande1. Can you post your recipe please?

lythande1, Apr 13, 4:42am
3 cups flour, 250ml water, 2 tsps (ish) salt, 1 1/2 tsp yeast.
That's it.

annies3, Apr 13, 4:58am
Try this one, three level tsp of Edmonds surebake yeast
2 heaped cups of white flour, 1 rounded cup of wholemeal, 1 tsp of salt 1Tbs of sugar
1Tbs of whole almonds, crushed or chopped, 2 Tbs of sunflower seeds
3 Tbs of whole linseeds, 410mls of cold water 2 Tbs of rice bran oil,
setting menu 1 in the panasonic, we usually put this in overnight for 12 hrs, very yummy makes good sandwiches and toast.
Enjoy !

sarahb5, Apr 13, 6:55am
Surebake - 1tsp to 1 cup of flour - made especially for breadmakers. Tasti has never worked for me.

kiwiscrapper1, Apr 13, 8:41am
The article about Alison and her dimentia also mentioned a new, and last, book is coming and it will be recipes for bread using a breadmaker, looking forward to this one, sadly her last. I use the recipe on the box of individual yeast satchets, it has mustard in and is delish!

deanna14, Apr 14, 1:41am
Try a white loaf with a tablespoon of curry powder, yummo, fresh or toasted with casseroles, or cottage pie or anything savoury.

deanna14, Apr 14, 1:42am
Would be a nice tribute to her to buy that book, thanks for letting us know.

nauru, Apr 14, 8:35am
I make a curry onion bread, try adding some dried onion flakes and mixed herbs with the curry. Great with all the above and makes great toast too.
Here's a link to her new book

claire30, May 11, 6:19am
lythande1 Sorry to be so late to respond --- your bread recipe is amazing, thank you.

deanna14, Aug 8, 2:47am
Will do, thanks for that. I've ordered one for me and one for my daughter.

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