Simple stove top dampers and bread receipes

coolthree, Apr 27, 7:45am
Going for a year or so down south in a Mobile home, won't have regular access to fresh bread, has anyone got simple fry pan type recipes please ?

dbab, Apr 27, 8:12am
You could try the scone mixes. I keep meaning to try the Edmonds Scone mix.

coolthree, Apr 27, 8:40am
Thanks dbab, yes anything that i can keep fresh for a couple of days, keen to see also if you can make damper type breeds on stove top or portable gas cookers.

cgvl, Apr 27, 10:10am
yes you can, I make damper when camping. Make up a scone mix (flour, pinch salt, milk powder, baking powder. In jar or zip lock type bag, when ready to make just add water. You can pat it out into a fry pan or around sticks and cook over open fire or gas cooker, we call them frypan scones.
Also do piklets and hotcakes this way too.

claire30, Apr 27, 11:33pm
These recipes from Wendyl Nissen could be what you are looking for

fifie, Apr 28, 12:00am
Cast iron pan and old fashioned girdle scone recipe made in circle cut into large triangles cooked in pan, wont keep much more than 1- 2 days, leftovers good split and toasted also.

cgvl, Apr 28, 1:18am
If I'm making a casserole/stew or soup I often do a scone mix up and put on top to cook. Some people call them doughboys but it can not think of the other name for them.
Saves having bread/buns or toast especially with soup.

coolthree, Apr 28, 1:22am
These all look what i need thanks heaps

buzzy110, Apr 28, 1:47am

catlover28, Apr 28, 1:55am
I have a pie maker that makes little pies, handy for damper.

buzzy110, Sep 8, 1:53am
Pita bread is cooked in the frying pan as are most Indian flat breads.

My mother used to make what she called "fried bread". Basically it was scone dough, cut into scone sized pieces and fried in fat. It was so delicious. I tried making it fried in butter, then oil but they were never as good as the fat.

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