Bolar Beef.

Chef_korbo, May 12, 1:01 am
have a nice bit of Bolar, and wondering if it is best cooked in a pot, or in slow cooker. Can remember my nana cooking it in a pot, but no idea what else went in the pot. Dont want it to be tough

Chef_petal1955, May 12, 1:10 am
Cook it in an oven bag. long and slowly and it will be as tender as.

Chef_wachael1, May 12, 1:17 am
I just cook in my roasting dish - I smear it all over with horseradish, cover the dish with tin foil and cook slowly - on about 160deg or so. Comes out beautifully tender (had it for dinner on Saturday night - yum!).

Chef_mica3, May 12, 3:25 am
We use slow cooker with packet maggi onion soup. Not water added.
Lovely tender meat with a nice gravy.
Pity I can't eat it as GF but family love it.

Chef_dbab, May 12, 4:13 am
So, how long and how slow?

Chef_harrislucinda, May 12, 4:55 am
all day depends on size and slow cooker has 2 heat settings high and low on mine so do low some times on high if I want 5 hrs

Chef_teddy147, May 12, 5:25 am
I coat premade mustard and roll in seasoned flour, then brown it, add onions to the pan add 1cup red wine, I put it all into my crockpot with thyme n blackpepper . make beautiful gravey.

Chef_fifie, May 12, 6:10 am
Rub with oil crushed garlic s/bl pepper brown it, slice onions brown a bit, put in s/cooker sit meat on top of onions, drizzle balsamic vinegar over top add 1/2-1 cup water to pan deglaze tip in cook and make onion gravy from juices.

Chef_madj, May 12, 9:01 am
Slow cooker roast beef

This is so easy and very nice especially with the gravy. Don't panic about no added fluids, the beef will cook in it's own juices and produce a lovely base for your gravy.

bolar roast (doesn't matter the weight)
1 pkt dry onion soup
1 pkt dry mushroom soup.
dash of oil

- On a plate, mix the pkt soups together.
- roll the roast in the mixture making sure it is all covered
turn slow cooker onto high
- coat inside of the cooker with the oil I used a brush to make sure the sides also done
- place prepared roast inside.
- put lid on and leave for 5 hours.

Once cooked, I removed the roast onto a plate to rest, cover with double layer tin foil and a towel.

While resting make the gravy. The juices it produced I then added a mix of cornflour and water and a pkt of rich gravy mix, Stir to thicken for around 20 minutes until cooked. Do not add more salt but can add other seasonings and herbs as desired.

Chef_korbo, May 12, 9:34 am
mmm. my mouth is watering. now the decision of which recipe to use.
Hubby hates wine and garlic, so they will be out. like the sound of rolling the meat in the soup mix tho. will be back tomorrow.

Chef_petal1955, May 12, 10:18 am
Depends on the weight. but a piece around 2kg I would cook at 140 degrees for a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours

Chef_lulu-belle1, May 12, 7:13 pm
My recipe is 150 degrees, 35 mins per 500g for medium. Cover with mustard, salt and pepper, into a roasting dish with water about 1cm deep. Tightly cover dish with foil and cook. VERY IMPORTANT to rest the meat before carving. Make gravy with the juices/water. Yum.

Chef_korbo, May 12, 10:59 pm
Meat smells lovely, do you turn the meat 1/2 way thru the cooking.
got it in the slow cooker.

Chef_madj, May 12, 11:31 pm
For my recipe in the slow cooker I did but I probably didn't need to! Just check while it's cooking.

Chef_dbab, May 13, 4:04 am
Do these work for rolled beef as well? I can never get that nice and tender
I have tried cooking it in the crockpot.
My Mum used to cook the most tender roast beef. It was farm killed and she had an orangey red pot/dish with a lid that she probably brought out from Holland with her.

Chef_korbo, May 13, 8:37 am
didn't turn the meat, and it was really tender. used the liquid of the onions and soup mix to make the gravy.
dbab. my mum also had a pot that she cooked hers on the stove, and think it was an aluminum one.
todays one was just under a kilo, and i did it, 4hrs on high, and 2hrs on low. I think my low is not that great tho.

Chef_whitehead., May 14, 5:19 am
cast pot i used to have one till some one dropped it cost a lot . the big thing with a roll of beef is to not over cook it . i used to unroll the beef and with a shape knife take out any silver skin you will find on the inside these are the fibbers that twitch the meat and they are tough you just slide your knife under them . and any fat you dont wont then reroll its not hard and you get a very tender roast

Chef_whitehead., May 14, 5:21 am
you put your rolled roast in your pan and all the ibits you have trimmed out you put on top they will let their fat go and brown your meat nicely and then go crisp and the kids love them to crunch

Chef_dbab, Aug 3, 12:52 am
Is that a cast iron pot?

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