Chicken carcases

sticky232, Mar 27, 4:13am
Bought cold cook chicken at supermarket today took chicken of. I have heard you can boil the carcas up to make soup but what else do you put in the pot with it to give more flavour

duckmoon, Mar 27, 4:34am
onion, carrot and celery

samanya, Mar 27, 4:42am
Yep, what duckmoon said.
I save all of my chicken bones from a cooked chicken or after fileting & bung them in a bag in the freezer & when I have a bagful, I make chicken stock. You can also add more vegetables if you wish.

nauru, Mar 27, 5:51am
Same as what duckmoon suggested, plusI add a couple of Bay leaves and some mixed herbs as well. I do same as samanya too.

fifie, Mar 27, 5:52am
I chuck carcass and pre frozen bones ive kept in large stock pot with washed onions, carrots celery few tops, chunked up skin on, whatever you have head garlic unpeeled bashed, couple bay leaves, few peppercorns, few herbs fresh, thyme,parsley rosemary, top up with water simmer 3-4 hrs cool strain discard vegs put in fridge over night lift off any fat if any and put into containers freeze. Or sometimes i do it in the slow cooker and it cooks itself all day even better.

aktow, Mar 29, 11:11am
don't bother, you get next to zero flavour out of cooked chicken bones,

smallwoods, Mar 29, 10:32pm
It's all the little bits of meat still on them that flavours.

lythande1, Mar 30, 12:37am
Well, no.
You can boil the bones with celery, onion, carrot and herbs to make chicken stock.
With stock you can make soup or other things.
You can freeze the stock after in smaller containers.

aj.2., Mar 30, 12:52am
Correct, OP you will get a real chicken stock, that you can base other soup on, and yes it's well worth doing.
Place bones in a pot, add some dried chicken powder, and some mixed herbs, add water to cover the chicken frames, boil till the meat all but falls off.
Lift out the frames, allow to cool, remove the meat, then add that back into the stock.
Allow all to cool, then freeze in container, to use as a real stock for other meals, or soup.
By other meals, I use it for rice based meals etc.

mjhdeal, Apr 1, 5:49am
Do you have a slow-cooker, OP? I do pretty much what everyone else above does, but put carcasses, celery, carrot, onion, herbs AND a few tablespoons of vinegar in my slowcooker, top up with water, then turn on 'low,' and leave for minimum 12 hours.
Then I sieve, and freeze the stock in cupcake moulds, so I have small quantities of stock I can use, as required.

*Every time I have left-over bones, ends of carrot/celery, onion skins, I put them in a storage-sized freezer bag, and freeze. Once the bag is full, I put it all in my slowcooker for stock. Essentially costs nothing (all ingredients are 'waste'). Do the same with lamb, for lamb stock, too.
*If I can get hold of chicken feet or necks, I'll add them too.

kclu, Nov 4, 10:12am
Many bought stocks have loads of salt. Even those of the chef that advertised a lot on TV last year. Can't think of his name.

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