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anna95, Dec 20, 8:38pm
I am making lemon honey and marmelade to give away as Christmas presents and want to remove the very sticky labels from old jam and other jars. Any suggestions?

davidt4, Dec 20, 8:46pm
Oil of Eucalyptus (buy from a pharmacy) or De-solve-it, scrub with steel wool.

edlin, Dec 20, 8:49pm
As above. I find Eucalyptus Oil wonderful for so many things. It even removes chewing gum from carpet! Sticky labels disappear so easily. Some supermarkets now sell it

lilyfield, Dec 20, 8:59pm
steel scrubber and chemico also works

245sam, Dec 20, 9:02pm
anna95, some labels simply peel off but admittedly that's not the majority so I find it best to give the jar(s) a soak in water and peel off as much as possible, then for any stubborn remaining glue use De-Solv-it (brilliant stuff!) or gently rub with a Steelo pad - don't worry that won't scratch the glass. :-))

anna95, Dec 20, 9:24pm
Thanks will go up the road and get one or other of the products suggested. Have printed off some of those lovely free labels too to stick on the finished product at

suzanna, Dec 20, 9:29pm
Isopropyl alcohol is brilliant. We had to 'delabel' 200 tea bottles for my daughters wedding and they were very stubborn. Someone told me about this and it was so easy.

harrislucinda, Dec 20, 9:54pm
Hi thanks for this site just done some for my sister

supra_luva, Dec 20, 11:28pm
Fill the jar with very hot water and put lid back on . Dont get the label wet . Wait a few minutes then peel off. Remove any residue with de solvit.
If they are the sort that dont peel off when warm then you will have to soak them in water. (some glues are water soluble)

poppy500, Dec 21, 9:03am
Soak with soapy water, once soft scrape with sharp knife and remove as much glue as possible. Use turps for stubborn glue ( or desolvit eat if you have it) re wash jars.

dalkemade, Dec 21, 8:38pm
I second that about the turps, great in this situation

sheepeze, Dec 22, 5:40am
Been doing this for years. Soak jars and peel off as much label as you can, then use a steel wool or scrubber with Mr Muscle Orange Energy cleaner cream. works a charm and no smell!

quiz3, Dec 22, 8:24am

flower-child01, Dec 23, 3:54am
Frend original - laundry stain removal stuff, it works. Just spray on and leave for an hour to break down. First remove as much of the paper as possible first though. This I feel to be very cost effective.

2bakerz, Dec 23, 5:52pm
Thanks also for that label site, anna95 -makes gifts just that extra special!

justshopin, Dec 24, 6:07am
I found cooking oil and baking soda worked well for getting glue off jars ( just did 50 of them!)

nunesy, Dec 24, 7:03pm
I did a whole lot - fill a bucket with very warm water, put one lid of Oxy-Action powder (or another similar type product) in, swish it round, add the jars (minus lids) and leave overnight. Next day, most labels are floating on the surface, and the glue has turned slimey and slides straight off. There were only a very few jars that the labels wouldn't budge (I couldn't be bothered as they weren't flash jars so recycled them!).

anna95, Dec 26, 8:04pm
I bought De Solvit, found it effective and pleasant smelling and it did the trick where I had already succeeded in removing the label but will have to try some of other tips for getting some of the labels off. It is good there are other products I have in the house to try on them like turps and Frend once I have done the soap and soak solutions. Some of the original labels are quite attractive and I just might leave them on and stick my customised label from on the lid.

dors, Dec 27, 7:58am
De-solve it is best!

adara1, Dec 27, 10:33am
Fill jar with hot water and let stand for a minute or so then peel label off. Use eucalyptus oil to remove any excess glue left behind on the jar then wash in hot soapy water to remove eucalyptus oil.

bev00, Dec 27, 11:48am
handy info

quiz3, Dec 28, 9:55pm
Yep, dishwasher will do it every time !

lythande1, Dec 29, 1:24am
Dishwasher. Best tool ever.
Just remember to clean the filter after., Dec 29, 9:19am
Our friend gave us a wonderful tip for this. Put empty clean jar in microwave half filled with water and time on high for a couple of mins or longer and it peels off easily. This has been tested by us and mostly works depending on type of glue etc. I had never heard of it and before used to scrape off with sharp knife after soaking. Much easier this way.

daarhn, Feb 19, 1:54am
a can of WD40, CRC or Silicon spray for all my labels. They come off too easy. Make sure you give jars good wash with hot soapy water to get rid of residue spray.

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