Chelsea Winters black doris plum cheescake

bev00, Jul 22, 12:12pm
Plum & Chocolate Cheesecake

Serves: 12 15 Minutes prep time 60 Minutes cook time


250g pack sweet plain biscuits
½ cup Cottee's Choc Whizz
850g can Wattie's Black Doris Plums in Syrup
250g sour cream
250g cream cheese
¾ cup sugar
2 Tbsp cornflour
3 eggs
extra Cottee's Choc Whizz


Preheat oven to 160°C. In a food processor, process biscuits until you have a fine crumb. Add in Cottee’s Choc Whizz and pulse until mixed through. Press into a 24cm non-stick springform cake tin and refrigerate while making the filling.
Drain the Wattie’s Black Doris Plums and remove the stones. Place plums in the food processor and process until you have a smooth purée. Remove from the processor and set aside. Wipe food processor clean.
Place sour cream, cream cheese, sugar, cornflour and eggs into the food processor. Process until smooth. Pour the cheese mixture over the chilled chocolate base and drizzle in plum purée.
Bake for 50 - 60 minutes or until mixture is set. Cool before placing in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours or overnight. Serve decorated with Choc Whizz .

If you don’t have a food processor, crush biscuits with a rolling pin and chop plums finely to make a purée. Beat remaining ingredients together well.

awoftam, Jul 23, 7:09am
Copy write is being breached by sharing recipes like this (Chelsea's - and yes, I have checked as I was going to post a recipe in here another time when someone asked for one but after checking decided against it). I am not the copy write police as until I checked I didn't think you could copy write recipes. just wasn't sure whether those sharing them knew that, so take this as a genuine FYI only.

uli, Jul 24, 6:03am
You can share the ingredients list (we went over that years ago already) but you cannot share the how to make it list.

This is for new recipes only - recipes that are still in books on sale. Historic recipes or you own adaption to any recipe you can share as much as you like.

kiwiscrapper1, Jul 25, 5:47am
She posts this on her web site and also Face Book page. and its delicous, have made a few times now

nickyd, Jul 25, 8:27am
I am wondering about making this tomorrow with blackboy peaches , instead of the plums? Have made it with the plums a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed very much

rj5, Dec 16, 7:30am
Has anybody got this recipe plz?

jaky, Dec 16, 8:08am
Chelseas one is:
375g gingernut biscuits,
100g butter, softened
250g cream cheese
1/2 C icing sugar
zest of 1 lemon
1 tsp vanilla essence or paste
1 C cream, whipped
2 X 850g cans black doris plums, drained & pits removed
1/4 C water
3 tsp sugar
3 tsp gelatine

Crumble biscuits into a coarse crumb either in a food rocessor or by wrapping the biscuits in a clean tea towel & bashing them with a rolling pin. Mix in the softened butter until well blended.
Press crumb mixture into the bottom and almost all the way up the sides of a 22cm springform cake tin in a an even layer. Cover & place in fridge for 20 mins. (may not need all crumb mixture depending on tin size)
Beat the cream cheese, icing sugar, lemon zest & juice, & vanilla on high speed in a electric mixer/hand beater until thick & creamy. Fold in the whipped cream. Spread the cream cheese filling evenly over the base, & return the tine to fridge for another 30 mins.
Reserve 4 plums & blitz the rest until smooth. Set aside.
Heat water & sugar & gelatine are dissolved. Cool slightly, then add to the plum mixture and mix well. Pour on top of the cheesecake. Cut the reserved plums in half and place face down on top and let them sink into the mixture a bit. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hrs.

rj5, Dec 18, 11:52pm
Jaky- thank you this is definitely it!

luckylady88, Dec 30, 8:05am
Hi, have you made the cheesecake yet? I'm intending to make it for new year and keen to know what it's like!

pengy2, Feb 15, 5:02pm
I made it for Christmas day and it turned out great! Reduce the crumb mix if just covering the base, otherwise crumb up the sides. I used the drained plum juice and reduced it, added some brandy and raspberries and made a yum sauce as a side. Oh, I also ended up adding more gelatine to the cheesecake topping part as I was worried it wouldnt set.

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