Can I cook bought passionfruit curd in oven?

nunesy, Dec 14, 1:12am
I want to make small tarts that use a sugar cookie base in mini muffin tins. The recipe makes homemade lemon curd but I have a jar of passionfruit curd that would taste amazing in these. Would it ruin it to cook it - the recipe puts the curd in the cases and then cooks it all together. Should I try and cook the cookie cases first and then add the curd? Thanks! Just made some other cookies that didn't turn out like the pictures, so feeling discouraged and want to make these ones work!

punkinthefirst, Dec 14, 6:05am
Don't forget that the ones in the picture have probably been "styled" to within an inch of their lives!
Why don't you try say, half a dozen, and see how they come out? The kids will still eat them!

nunesy, Dec 14, 5:24pm
Ha ha yes that's true re styling. but the ones in the picture are roundish and look a bit like German lebkuchen (which is why I tried them). and my ones. well, a friend saw them and tried one and said. you could give them to your students and call them 'Reindeer Poo'. Enough said. . I don't want to open the jar of passionfruit curd if I don't need to - it needs using in a few days once open. So really hoping someone knows if it's cook-able!

punkinthefirst, Dec 15, 4:09am
How rude! (your friend) LOL
You could, of course, put the rest of the passionfruit curd in the freezer. (It might even be pretty damned good mixed in with ice cream! ;-p

timturtle, Apr 11, 7:04pm
I think it may dry the curd out a bit, so I would maybe add a small amount of water to the curd before putting it in the oven, and hope the cooking time only dehydrated the added water. Think it would be better to try and cook the cases empty as you may lose the creaminess of the curd.

I am thinking how jam tarts sort of dehydrate the jam and make it thicker on cooking in the cases, which I think you are also thinking ?

Sounds yum

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