Onion Powder

Have a recipe that requires Onion Powder does anybody know where I can buy it from or can I use something else to replace it?

Chef_palmetto, Feb 24, 7:48 pm

Bin Inn

Or use finely chopped fresh onions

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 24, 7:50 pm

Some health food shops have it. Bin Inn sometimes does and Fruit World also has it, probably the cheapest from there. Also some gourmet food shops will have it.

Chef_frances1266, Feb 24, 7:52 pm

Indian shop

Chef_choosy7, Feb 24, 8:00 pm

I use Maggie's onion soup packets when recipes call for onion powder.

Chef_kirmag, Feb 24, 9:37 pm

I buy mine from Indian spice shops.

Chef_pogram0, Feb 25, 5:58 am

I buy mine from Steve's Wholefoods here in Palmy which is a Binn Inn type of shop. They come in little green and yellow pottles.

Chef_village.green, Feb 25, 8:10 am

Indian supply shops

Chef_poppy500, Feb 25, 8:21 am

I get mine from ---
0800 533 627
EMAIL. Aurana@xtra.co.nz

Chef_thewomble1, Feb 25, 10:38 am

Make it if you don't want to use actual onions, it's easy enough.

Chef_lythande1, Feb 25, 6:05 pm

How please?

Chef_wheelz, Feb 25, 7:33 pm

I make my own onion & garlic powder by dehydrating them, them using a spice grinder - whizz them to powder.

Chef_jan2242, Feb 25, 10:50 pm

Both Binn Inn and Davis Trading in Petone have it. It's worth it to get some even if you have to order online. A pottle lasts me ages.

Chef_fey, Feb 26, 2:43 am

Gather a few onions, peel onions , slice into thin slices (1/4 inch or less) and put on sheet on lowest setting in the oven (150 or less).
Dehydrate until they are completely dry and not leathery. They should be brittle enough to break by hand. Check every few hours and remove any pieces that are done.
When all are done drying, put into coffee grinder, food processor or blender. If you want a mixed seasoned salt, blend them all together.
Once they are finely powdered, leave in food processor or blender with lid on for at least 10 minutes to let it settle.
Store in glass jars and enjoy!

Chef_lythande1, Feb 26, 5:52 am

About 600g of fresh onion will dehydrate to about 50g of powder

Chef_thewomble1, Feb 26, 7:58 am

I buy it from Davis Trading in Palmy, quite cheap too.

Chef_nauru, Jan 30, 12:53 am