Im trying to find the best whole wheat/grain bread

The range is huge but not all breads are great. Im after wholegrains/whole wheat etc
any suggestions please

Chef_irish15, Mar 7, 8:59 pm

I buy Freya's mixed grain. as well as being nice and grainy it has a great flavour.

Chef_rarogal, Mar 9, 10:45 pm

Vogels original grain or the Ploughmans rye loaf (you don't specify rye so hope it's okay to mention it) is pretty nice for a change but you're right, the range is huge. I'll be interested to see what others suggest and might look at trying something new myself.

Chef_sampa, Mar 9, 11:12 pm

I seen one on the Molenbury site and it was called Grains + but carnt find who stocks it?. I brought Vogels mixed grain and its lovely. Just want to know if Im eating wholegrain etc

Chef_irish15, Mar 9, 11:44 pm

I second that about the Ploughmans Rye Loaf.Its great stuff. I found that Freya looses its shape too easily

Chef_dalkemade, Mar 10, 12:35 am

its it a wholegrain bread extremely good for you with a great taste lol

Chef_irish15, Mar 10, 3:12 am

Is that harvest rye?

Chef_irish15, Mar 10, 3:16 am

If you're eating the Vogels original mixed grain it contains 24% whole grains - wheat and rye.

Here's the website if you want to check out what's in their breads -

Chef_sampa, Mar 10, 4:09 am

thankyou for that. things are so confusing today.

Chef_irish15, Mar 10, 8:32 am

Like the Signature Soy and Linseed like Vogels only a lot cheaper. and the Freya's Quinoa and Flaxseed

Chef_petal1955, Mar 10, 10:02 am

Was looking at the factory produced breads the other day out of interest. I noted that there appeared to be good grainy breads but most had linseed and soy added as an extra health benefit. I try to never eat flax (linseed) seeds because in my opinion it is just the basis for a particularly unhealthy furniture polish nor would I eat unfermented soy.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 10, 9:29 pm

Thats interesting buzzy110. There are so many out there the racks are full of bread.

Chef_irish15, Mar 10, 10:18 pm

Yes it is.

Chef_dalkemade, Mar 11, 2:59 am

Yes they are. I never, as a rule bother with the bread aisle so I was quite intrigued by the range of breads that are now available. I was also put off by some of the ingredients as well.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 11, 8:09 pm

I bought the Countdown instore bakery four grain bread last week - only $2 and it was delicious - very like the five grain bread you get in cafes.

Chef_blands70, Mar 11, 11:30 pm

Yes I like this too.

Chef_niffer13, Mar 12, 12:16 am

I like this but lately the seeds nad grains are on the outside of the loaf. not on the inside !

Chef_petal1955, Mar 12, 6:53 am

I like this but lately the seeds had grains are on the outside of the loaf. not on the inside !

I have observed this too. But on purchasing this loaf from a few different Countdown stores find some have no seeds inside and other have seeds both inside and outside. Possibly the individual Bakery Managers building his bonus by leaving seeds out of the actual bread. Surely Countdown have a NZ wide standard for their bakeries. Complain to Head Office

Chef_snapperheadrkp, Dec 26, 3:50 pm