Chicken stir fry recipe

hel007, Mar 30, 4:54am
I am after a quick and easy stir fry recipe as never had much luck with this.

aj.2., Mar 30, 5:29am
Stir fry is best if it is done with rice that has been cooked ahead of time, and allowed to cool.
Then chop up some chicken and fry that in a pan till it just starts to brown, Take it out, add some chopped up onion, and fry till just soft, then add in the rice and any other veggies you like and cook, a few minutes, add the cooked chicken back in, ( to heat ), then add some salt and pepper, then serve.

drommy, Mar 30, 5:49am
I make a spicy little sauce as well, with chili, soy sauce, oyster sauce sometimes - whatever I've got. And I often break an egg into the finished product and mix it in - the residual heat cooks the egg, and it adds to the sauce.

Now I want stirfry!

aj.2., Nov 16, 12:00am
Yes OP wanted a quick and simple stir fry, but it is so easy to add what you want, and yes a egg added in right at the end is nice.
I never ad soy sauce , it does not do any thing for me, but each to their own, and that is the good thing about cooking.