Silverside Roast? Not Corned silverside.

sarahw2, Oct 28, 8:24am
So we got some home-kill done and specifically asked for "corned silverside". well, its Silverside roast instead. Now, I have roasted it in the oven and its turned out tasteless and dry, I have cooked it in the crockpot and its also turned out tasteless and dry. how ever else can I cook it? I have at least 6 bits in the freezer to use up:-( Any ideas welcomed!

gpg58, Oct 28, 9:21am
Maybe the question is, who got your silverside? heard of some dirty tricks before.

summersunnz, Oct 28, 9:40am
Can you ask the butcher to corn it for you?

kindajojo, Oct 28, 10:02am
Chop it up and make a stew. curry, I don't like silverside or topside roasts, they tend to go dry, but I did a Jamie Oliver recipe cooking it in an oven bad with mushrooms, onions, honey mustard and beef stock. ok but still dryish

sarahw2, Oct 28, 10:09am
My brother in law and we have NEVER had an issue before!

mouse265, Oct 28, 10:40am
take it back and ask him to cure it problem solved

lythande1, Oct 28, 6:33pm
Pot roast it - NOT in a crockpot.

fifie, Oct 29, 12:11am
Try a pot roast with beef stock cube crushed over top then a good splash red wine and a couple bay leaves, do it slowly. so it dosent dry out.

gennie, Oct 29, 12:12am
Nadia Lim's latest book has a good slow cooked mexican beef which you can use in soup or tostada's. It would probably be good for something like that. The flavour then comes from the sauce.

uli, Oct 29, 2:55am
I cannot really be dry in the crockpot, except you put no liquid in whatsoever.

Tasteless yes - depends what you used as herbs, spices, wine etc.

So if you give us your recipe then we can give some better ideas.

patsprat, Aug 5, 10:09am
My mother used to 'stuff' a biggish piece like this - make deep cuts in the meat with a large sharp knife, (making sure not to come out the other side) and then stuff with a well seasoned breadcrumb stuffing. Skewer up the opening and then roast in an oven bag or covered dish. The stuffing seemed to keep it moist, she called it 'stuffed steak' and it was probably a bolar roast she used. Haven't done it myself for years, maybe I will.

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