Is there anything special about guava jelly?

pickles7, Apr 17, 10:24am
bumping for . mrsvonflik

ngacooky, Apr 17, 10:35am
I was going to say my guavas arent even ready yet. but then realised it must be a thread from last year

pickles7, Apr 17, 12:22pm
I had my first yellow one last week. Just that one was ripe, and so yummy.

buzzy110, Apr 17, 9:01pm
For some reason the birds prefer yellow quava to the red so be prepared to having to beat the birds to them.

I never made quava jelly with the yellow ones. They are just so much nicer eating than the red ones, which are pretty good eating as well. They are also bigger, making them 'more worthwhile' eating.

pickles7, Apr 17, 9:35pm
yes . buzzy, the yellow ones are so much nicer to eat fresh, than the red. Another thing is we found two seedlings under the yellow guava, a great bonus. We will throw a bit of bird netting over the yellow ones and leave the red ones for the birds.

griffo4, Apr 22, 2:29am
l am trying to make guava jelly, l boiled it up with a couple of granny smith apples and water well below the fruit then put through jelly bag and did the measure of sugar,
l brought the jelly to the boil and boiled for 5 minutes then added sugar and boiled till l got a good set (or so thought ) on the saucer

Despite getting a set on the saucer all l have is ice cream topping

l can't find any recipes in my books for guava jelly so any hints, advice would be great please

unknowndisorder, Apr 22, 2:43am
I make same ascrab apple jelly.
Wash guava's, top and tail if necessary (been awhile since I had access to any).
Put them into a large preserving pan, cover with water and bring to boil.
Simmer until soft and squishy. Strain liquid through muslin and hang until no longer dripping, do not squeeze jelly bag.
measure liquid and add sugar approx cup for cup (if you want it less sweet, leave out 1-2 cups sugar).
Put all liquid back into preserving pot, bring back to boil and add sugar. Keep at a rolling boil (stir frequently) until setting temp reached. You can add the juice of a lemon or two to help with setting or get the jam setting powder. I bottle while hot into hot bottles and seal.

cgvl (22 ) 8:07 pm, Mon 6 May #2
Thanks very much cgvl

ridgeline (164 ) 7:36 am, Tue 7 May #3
I did pretty much exactly like cgvl suggested in the weekend just had Guava Jelly on toast for breakfast this morning. It was delicious. some tips though use a mixture of ripeness if the fruit are all 100% ripe then you will get a softer set. I added a cooking apple to mine for extra set and volume. My set was very firm :) could have added a little water I think but I do like the intense flavour.

beaker59 (9 ) 8:58 am, Tue 7 May #4

buzzy110, Apr 22, 2:53am
I think the rolling boil (of cgvl's post) is the most useful piece of information ever when it comes to setting jams and jellies.

Rolling boil means just that. I get it by incrementally increasing the element temperature until it is actually 'rolling'. At about that time the texture of the boil will change. It goes from big bubbles to a smaller, 'foam' size bubbling. I know it is ready to bottle once that stage is reached. I never bothered with testing because it took me away from the stove and my jams/jellies would burn and I could never get it to set in water anyway. All it did was dissolve into the water. I sometimes had a really cold metal egg poaching bowl that I put a blob onto (if I could get my DH to get it out of the deep freeze for me) and if it stayed a blob, then I knew it was done as well.

cgvl, Apr 22, 3:56am
griff04 I was going to suggest juice of a lemons or lemons preferably one slightly unripe but I see unknowndisorder has already quoted what I do.
I sometimes also use rhubarb if the fruit is a bit too ripe.

griffo4, Apr 22, 4:50am
Thanks for your advice l have done all of above including adding some not so ripe fruit and apple

Today with the new lot l did the pectin test with meths and it set like a big blob and would not separate so plenty of pectin

l think l didn't let it boil enough yesterday till the little bubbles like buzzy said
l usually do but was obviously being a bit too quick, it was setting on the saucer(who knows) but thanks all for the confirmation l am not doing it wrong and just need to be more patient :-)

l put yesterdays lot in a pot and boiled again and now have a good set even before it has cooled

beaker59, Apr 23, 4:06am
well done Griffo I made my Guava jelly yesterday I was out of the country when most of the fruit matured so missed out on the bulk of it. I was given some yellow guavas so did a 50 50 mix and ended up with a nice mild flavoured jelly with excellent set not as clear as I had hoped but pretty good all the same, but not much of it OH well can't wait til next year :)

I am no expert but never seem to have an issue with set on Guava jelly.

griffo4, Apr 23, 9:18am
Beaker l got up in the front end loader bucket of the tractor yesterday and got another 3/4 full plastic bucket and cooked them up last night and put in another couple of apples l had

and l made it up tonight and l waited alot longer, l was worried it might burn on the bottom but l waited and it was set like rock on the saucer and looks good and it is a very dark colour as there was alot of guavas and not alot of water and tastes great

l bought a new pot as the old ones were catching all the time so don't have to worry

thanks everyone for your tips

l haven't made this before but remember it from my childhood and it tastes the same

squeakygirl, Oct 5, 8:06am
I make guava syrup. Great with vodka and soda or just soda or water for the kids. Make it the same as rhubarb syrup.

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